Are Women Better Parents Than Men

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Download the Practice Files
Download the practice files for any book in the Exploring Windows series from the Exploring Windows home page at Use any Web browser to get to this site, click the Office 2000 text, click the link to Student Resources, then click the link to student data disks, where you choose the appropriate book and download the file. Be sure to read the associated “read me” file that provides additional information about downloading the file. The Menus Change

Office 2000 implements one very significant change over previous versions in that it displays a series of short menus that contain only basic commands. The bottom of each menu has a double arrow that you can click to display the additional commands. Each time you execute a command it is added to the menu, and conversely, less frequently used commands are from a menu after a period of time. You can, however, display the full menus through the Customize command in the Tools menu. Separate the Toolbars

Office 2000 displays the Standard and Formatting toolbars on the same row to save space within the application window. The result is that only a limited number of buttons are visible on each toolbar, and hence you may need to click the double arrow (More Buttons) tool at the end of the toolbar to view additional buttons. You can, however, separate the toolbars. Pull down the Tools menu, click the Customize command, click the Options tab, and then clear the check box that has the toolbars share one row. Sort by Name, Date, or File Size

The files in the Save As and Open dialog boxes can be displayed in ascending or descending sequence by name, date modified, or size. Change to the Details view, then click the heading of the desired column; e.g. click the Modified column to list the files according to the date they were last changed. Click the column heading a second time to reverse the sequence; that is, to switch from ascending to descending, and vice versa. Take the Windows Tour

Windows 98 greets you with a Welcome window that describes the highlights in the new operating system. Click the Begin button to take a guided tour or select one of the topics at the left of the window. If you do not see the Welcome window when you start your computer, click the Start button, click Run, type C:\Windows\Welcome in the text box, and press the enter key. Relax and enjoy the show. About the Assistant

The Office Assistant is very powerful and hence you want to experiment with various ways to use it. To ask a question, click the Assistant’s icon to toggle its balloon on or off. To change the way in which the Assistant works, click the Options tab within this balloon and experiment with the various check boxes to see their effects. If you find the Assistant distracting, click and drag the character out of the way or hide it altogether by pulling down the Help menu and clicking the Hide Office Assistant command. Pull down the Help menu and click the Show Office Assistant command to return the Assistant. Show the Keyboard Shortcut in a ScreenTip

You can expand the ScreenTip associated with any toolbar button to include the equivalent keyboard shortcut. Pull down the View menu, click Toolbars, then click Customize to display the Customize dialog box. Click the Options tab and check the box to show the shortcut keys in the ScreenTips. Close the dialog box, then point to any toolbar button and you should see the name of the button as well as the equivalent keyboard shortcut. Moving Within a Document

Press Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End to move to the beginning and end of a document respectively. You can also press the Home or End key to move to the beginning or end of a line. These shortcuts work not just in Word, but in any Office application, and are worth remembering as they allow your hands to remain on the keyboard as you type. The Undo and Redo Commands

Click the drop-down arrow next to the Undo button to display a list of your previous actions,...
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