Spreadsheet and Fun Zone Amusements

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Excel Spreadsheet Assignment - Part 3

This assignment will continue to build your knowledge of spreadsheet operations by introducing you to some of Excel’s more sophisticated features.

With this assignment you will:
• Group worksheets in order to format multiple worksheets at the same time • Copy a worksheet
• Use 3-D references to display the contents of cells on multiple worksheets • Use 3-D references to consolidate (summarize) data from multiple worksheets • Perform What-If Analysis using Goal Seek

• Use Help to learn about features available in Excel


1.If you are not doing this assignment at Mt. SAC make sure you are using Excel 2007. You cannot use previous versions of Excel to complete this assignment. If you are doing this assignment in the lab, remember that you need a blue print card to use the lab printer.

2. To access Microsoft Excel:

Click the Start button on the bottom left corner of the Taskbar.

Select "All Programs" on the Start menu, then select the "Microsoft Office" folder. Next, select the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 application.

3.An Excel blank worksheet will be displayed. We’ll begin by retrieving a file from storage. The instructions below assume that the Fun Zone Amusements file has been previously saved to a flash drive. If the file is in any other location, you will need to take the appropriate steps to open the file from where it has been saved.

(Select the Office Button in the top left corner of the screen.

(Click the mouse on the word Open. The Open dialog box will open. At the top of the dialog box there is a “Look In” text box that displays the name of the drive or folder that is currently selected. Make sure that the drive/folder specified is for your flash drive. If a different path is displayed, click on the down arrow on the right side of the Look in textbox, then select the appropriate drive and folder.

(Find the file Fun Zone Amusements in the main window of the Open dialog box and click on it with the mouse. (Move the mouse pointer to the OPEN button on the bottom right side of the window and click it with the mouse. The Fun Zone Amusements spreadsheet should now be displayed.

❑ Save the file and add your name to the filename. Click on the Office Button in the upper-left corner of the window. Click on Save As. Change the Filename to Fun Zone Amusements - Your Name (replacing the words, Your Name with your own name).

4.About the Fun Zone Amusements workbook.

Fun Zone Amusements is a company that provides amusement rides for traveling fairs and carnivals. Last weekend, there were carnivals in the cities of Chino, Fullerton, and Rosemead. Management collected the information from these carnivals and they would like you to assist them in developing the data so that it provides more robust information for managerial decision making.

Explore the contents of this workbook. Click on each of the tabs at the bottom; Chino, Fullerton, and Rosemead. Each tab is a worksheet. An Excel file can contain multiple worksheets. A collection of worksheets is called a workbook. Click on each of the worksheets to see the data contained in the sheet.

Notice that each of the worksheets contains the total number of tickets sold and the ticket sales. Click in cell D8 in any worksheet. With D8 as the active cell, look in the formula bar (directly under the Ribbon) to see the contents of D8. It contains the formula: =$C$5*C8 This formula multiplies the value in cell C5 by the value in cell C8. The $ signs around C5 indicates that this is an absolute cell reference. (You may recall that you learned about absolute cell references in Excel Part 2.) When the formula was copied from cell D8 down to D14, Excel needed to ALWAYS use the value in cell C5 in the formula. Reminder: you only need to be...
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