Indexed Color and Text

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The Adobe InDesign Toolbar
® ®
Selection Tool Pen Tool Pencil Tool Rectangle Frame Tool Rotate Tool Shear Tool Eyedropper tool Button Tool Hand Tool Fill Control Direct Selection Tool Type Tool Line Tool Rectangle Tool Scale Tool Free Transform Tool Gradient Tool Scissors Tool Zoom Tool Swap Fill & Stroke (arrow) Stroke Control Format Affects Text Apply Gradient Apply None Preview Mode Direct Selection Tool - Selects only the content of a frame, selects individual items within a group without having to ungroup, also reshapes frames Type Tool** - Adds or edits text Line Tool - Adds linear elements to the page; use stroke palette to determine thickness Rectangle Tool** - Creates shapes for graphic or text areas Scale Tool - Enlarges or reduces page elements *Should not be used to resize photos or art Free Transform Tool - Scales or rotates an element Gradient Tool - Creates gradients within the document Scissors Tool - Splits a path, graphic frame or empty text frame Zoom Tool - Enlarges a specific area of the document Fill & Stroke switch arrow - Changes out fill and stroke buttons making the foreground active Stroke Control - Adds color to a line (stroke) Formatting Affects Text - Formats all text in selected frame Apply Gradient - Applies gradient to selected element Apply None - Removes gradient Preview Mode - Shows page as it will actually look Adobe InDesign Toolbar

Format Affects Container Apply Color Normal View

Selection Tool - Selects and moves items on a document, resizes frames by selecting anchor points Pen Tool** - Creates custom free form picture areas or shapes Pencil Tool** - Draws free form lines or shapes Frame Tools** - Draws picture areas Rotate Tool - Rotates selected element Shear Tool - Slants selected element to the left or right Eyedropper Tool - Samples color from a photo or graphic, duplicates an attribute from one element/text to another Button Tool - Not used for yearbook production Hand Tool - Moves the document about the screen. Fill Control - Adds selected color to element or text Format Affects Container - Formats selected frame Apply Color - Quick Application tool - applies current chosen color to the fill or stroke Normal View - Shows paste boards and page attributes **See fly-out menus on next page


Quickly access the hand tool by holding down the spacebar. Will not work if using the text tool.


Tool Bar Fly-Out Menus
Icons on the Tool Bar with a small arrow at the bottom right corner offer more options. Click and hold on the icon for the fly-out menu to pop up.

Type on a Path - Adds text to a line or shape

Pen Tool - Creates a path for type or a clipping path. Add/Delete Anchor Point Tools - Adds or deletes additional vector points for greater flexibility in shape. Convert Direction Point Tool - Manipulates the shape of the graphic once anchor points are in place.

Pencil Tool - Draws a free form path or graphic. Smooth Tool - Smooths the edges of the drawing. Erase Tool - Erases unneeded areas. Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool and Polygon Tool - Defines the shapes as shown at left for graphic or text design.

Rectangle Frame Tool, Ellipse Frame Tool and Polygon Frame Tool Defines frames for photos. Double click on the Polygon Tool to have the option to change the number of sides and/or indent. Eyedropper Tool - Duplicates an attribute or color from one photo/ graphic to another. Measure Tool - Measures the distance between two points or angles.


If you click on the Text Tool and then click inside any frame, it will convert to a text frame.



Toolbar Fly-Out Menu

Docking Palettes

Customizing Your Workspace
In addition to the Drop Down Menus at the top of the display, palettes that dock at the side of the screen are available. Sorted in stacked groups, these palettes provide quick access to commonly used tools and features. Palettes are arranged by default, but are easily reorganized to create custom groups. To move or remove a...
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