Introduction to Coreldraw

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Welcome to the world of Desktop Publishing. Desktop publishing is the capability to manipulate letters, numbers, and graphics to produce beautiful designs of forms, reports, posters, brochures etc. One of the main packages (Software) for designs and layout principle is CorelDraw. CorelDraw as a package is programmed for designing of all kinds e.g. Posters, Letterhead, Cards, handbills etc. How to Launch CorelDraw

* Click on Start Button
* Point on All Programs
* Click on Corel Graphic suites (sub-menu list appears) * Click on CorelDraw 11 (wait for some seconds for program to launch)

The Screen (Window) of CorelDraw
Colour Palette
Drawing Window
Title Bar
Menu Bar
Printable Page
Tools Bar
Property Bar
Standard Bar
Control Menu Box
Vertical Scroll Bar
Vertical Rule
Status Bar
Task Bar
Start Button

The CorelDraw Window provides a work area where you can create and modify a job. The Tools present enable you to carry out series of designs.

Some Element Present in CorelDraw Environment
1.Title Bar: It is the first bar in the screen of any opened application. It gives information about the program which you are working on and also the name used in saving the document. 2.Control Menu Box: It is located at the title bar, it contains command like: close, maximize, restore, minimize. Close: To exit a particular window

Maximize/Restore: To increase and decrease a window (opened program) Minimize: When you minimize, the opened programs automatically goes to the task bar. 3.Menu bar: CorelDraw as a program has Eleven (11) menus, they include, File, Edit, View, Layout, Arrange, Effect, Bitmap, Texts, Tools Window and Help menu. Each menu has its own function. When clicked on, sub-menu list appears. 4.Standard bar: Tools present in the standard bar enables us to save, undo/redo, zoom etc. 5.Property Bar: It gives us information about the Width/Height, paper size, and orientation of a page and also the width/height of an object. And also with the help of the property bar we can also set our paper size, the orientation Portrait or Landscape etc. 6.The Rule: The rule (horizontal and vertical rule) enables us to measure. 7.Scroll bar: The scroll bar (horizontal and vertical scroll) enables to view unseen object by scrolling up, down, left, and right. 8.Printable page: The Printable Page Area is the rectangular shape located at the center of the drawing window. This area represents the portion of your drawing that will print. Any design done in the drawing window should be placed in the printable page. Note:Any work done outside of the printable page will not be printed.

9.Drawing Window: The drawing window is the large white area of the screen where you find the Printable page. Any drawing or designed processed in the drawing window must be brought to the printable page. 10.Colour Palette: With the help of the colour palette, you can fill or outline an object. 11.Tools Bar: The tools bar of CorelDraw enables us to carryout certain designs and also helps us to beautify our work. Without the tools present in CorelDraw, drawing/designing in CorelDraw will be difficult. Example of the tools bar is the Text tool, Pick tool etc. 12.Task bar: The task bar is located in line with the Start button, it houses any opened programmed/minimize window. 13.Status bar: The Status bar is located immediately after the task bar (at the top of the task bar) it gives you information about the currently highlighted object and also guideline on how to carryout some processes. 14.Start Button: The start button enables us to view programs. Also through the start button, a program can be launched. Learn the names and uses of each tool present in the Tools bar and you will have fun working in the CorelDraw Environment. (Let’s start working!)

Tool Overview
The Toolbox is located in the left portion of the window and contains all the drawing...
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