Appraisal Form of Product Specialist

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Task Pages: 4 (784 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Yehia Hassouna

Job Title: Product Specialist
Department: Marketing and sales Department
Reports to: District Manager
Location: Alexandria
Date: July 2012


The Product Specialist arranges one-on-one sales presentations, group discussions and educational programs for medical specialists. A product specialist possesses in-depth knowledge of their company’s product and presents the latest in medical news and treatment programs using that specialized knowledge in order to increase the company’s sales targets. The Product Specialist can also have clear sales targets.

The requirement for this position is to be in possession of a bachelor degree or higher in life sciences, business or health care related degrees. Positions require experience as a Medical Representative or comparable position. The candidate may require knowledge of a certain expertise, and have specific sales experience and training. Working Environment

Outdoors and should have a driving license to be able to meet with customers and follow up on sales Skills
* Service oriented approach, flexible and proactive towards changing clients' needs * Determination to reach challenging goals and create business opportunities * Keep up to date with market trends and new developments utilizing information for business improvement * Actively develop commercial initiatives

* Open and clear communicator
* Understands clients' needs
* Set goals and deadlines and plans to deliver effectively * Recognize problems reacting quickly and effectively to resolve them Responsibilities

* Meet sales objectives and forecasts
* Operate within the annual expense budget established for the territory * Accurately forecast the future sales results of current sales activities * Maintain, cultivate and expand existing customers in line with company growth strategies * Organize projects, trainings or activities which support sales...
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