Tanglewood Case 3

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Tanglewood Case 3



HR 594

Tanglewood is in need of new employees because of turnover just like any other retail organization. The managers of Tanglewood realize this is a concern, but realize they do not have any centralized method for recruiting new employees. Evaluating the recruiting methods and creating a guide for Tanglewood will assist in developing a recruiting service to follow the mission statement of the unique company culture. Upon developing a recruitment guide for the sale associates will attract more qualified applicants. The guide will provide details such as time, money, and applicants required to fill the job as the steps are provided also. RECRUITMENT GUIDE FOR SALE ASSOCIATES:

Position:Store Associates
Reports to:Shift Leaders
Qualifications:Prior experience in sales, customer service and other areas interacting with the public. Knowledge of Microsoft Office and computer basics. Ability of walking or standing during entire shift. Able to lift 35 pound daily. Must be available Sunday-Saturday for shifts.

Relevant labor market: Pacific Coast Area – Oregon & Washington Timeline: On-going
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: Media: printing, radio, television advertising sources, standardized job applications. Referrals:
Employee referral
Kiosk: Computerized, electronic application process
State Job Service: Employment Service
Staffing Agency: Western Washington
Staff members involved: Vice President for HR, Staffing Services, Retention Manager, Recruiting Manager, Selection Manager and Training and Development Director. Budget: $2,000 - $8,000

Finding the Western Washington uses a variety of recruiting methods; referrals from current employees when positions are not filled the kiosk method is used. This region has overtime phased out the traditional media methods. Eastern Washington division using the job service recruiting method has not been successful and used a traditional method; recruiting methods of the Northern Oregon division used media and in–store kiosks and staffing agencies. Southern Oregon having the least amount of stores uses a combination of staffing agencies, referral, and kiosk advertising.

The best targets for Tanglewood’s recruiting efforts are the reluctant applicants that have interest in the organization but are in conflict with their work schedule. Tanglewood does not extensively use a flexible workforce, such as temporary employees, but allows employees to work around their schedules. Tanglewood also encourages the employees with open communication within the organization in providing employees with information on the company’s share price and overall profitability for each quarter, along with other details about the company’s activities. Other reward seekers are mandatory weekly store meetings that allow employees to voice their suggestions for in-store improvements, associates who make suggestions that are implemented by management receive financial bonuses, along with department managers whom develop and implement new policies and procedures also receive financial bonuses.

Finding applicants specific KSAO knowledge that is required within the job will be a targeted recruitment that will help narrow the qualified potential applicants and also facilitates a more personal approach to each applicant.

Appendix B provides data from four divisions of Tangelwood, regarding Media, Referrals, Kiosk and Job Service recruitment. In Western Washington I found that the Job Service has the most number of applicants use of 4236 along with Candidates of 1398. The applicants that were hired were among the employee referrals.

The overall qualification rate were amount the referrals, kiosk, media, and job service. Cost of setup per site is $10,000, Kiosk $40,000; materials cost per applicant for media, is $10.00,...
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