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1. What is ABSS System? An electronic document processing system Purpose: To convert financial processes from hard copy documents to an electronic paperless environment.


Reduce Problem
Increase Information
Improve Document
Reduce Paper
Potentially Eliminate Mail to OPLOC thru PK Systems
Improve Data Entry
Reduce Recycle Time

Administrative and Functional Support:

Technical Budgetary

Candidate shall assist in financial administrative management functions to include assisting in the preparation of financial reports, financial funding documents, correspondence and memoranda pertaining to health services administration.

Candidate shall advise the government lead in establishing hierarchy and routing levels and preparation of Travel Orders (DD Form 1610), in support of the TDY-to/for-School Program and Staff TDYs (Temporary Duty), and other TDY programs within 711 HPW, utilizing the Automated Business Service System (ABSS), Commanders Resource Integration System (CRIS), and the Defense Travel System (DTS). Candidate shall have prior experience in DoD governmental budgeting, finance and accounting. Candidate shall assist in the management of internal budgets to include preparation, forecasting and execution. Execution briefs shall be provided to management. * SAP HR is an HR reporting tool which can have a number of different helpful softwares or applications plugged into it. This allows old files or data the HR department has gathered over time to be transferred over to the new SAP HR tool, which saves an incredible amount of time for employees in the HR department. A Human Resources Information System (HRIS) can also be integrated with the SAP HR tool ,allowing many different components of HR, like payroll, benefits and scheduling management to all be accessed on one screen, rather then having to click between multiple applications.

SAP means...
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