Application of Relevance Theory Tourism Texts Translation

Topics: Tourism, Translation, World Tourism Organization Pages: 13 (4599 words) Published: March 7, 2013
On the Application of Relevance Theory to Chinese-English Translation of Tourism Texts

I. Introduction
A. Background and purpose of this research
Tourism industry has become a new highlight in the world economy following telecommunications and information industries. According to the estimates of the World Tourism Organization and many other insiders, China will be the world’s largest tourist receiving country with the capacity of hosting more than 1 .137 billion foreign tourists by the year of 2020. By virtue of its long history and splendid culture, China has made a breakthrough in tourism industry in the past three decades, during which the Chinese-English translation of the tourism texts played a pivotal role in promoting China’s spectacularity. However, the status quo of C-E translation of tourism texts is far from satisfactory, with malpractices like failure to convey the connotation of the Chinese versions cultural dislocation of the same objects, Chinese-styled English and redundancy. These malpractices may prevent westerners from obtaining useful information before they decide to take a trip to China and ultimately hinder the healthy development of China’s inbound tourism as a whole. Therefore, it is essential to better the translation of tourism materials for the sake of a better understanding of the unique charm of China and the visitors’ better enjoyment of their trips here. B. Methodology of this study

Based on the previous researches on C-E translation of tourism texts, this thesis attempts to approach it further under the guidance of relevance theory, which emphasizes the inferential nature of communication. And it maintains that a successful communication should guarantee adequate contextual effects without unnecessary processing efforts on the audience’s part. The materials used in this study are mainly collected from Chinese tourist brochures, journals and magazines. As this research involves language transfer between two different cultures, specific examples are provided for illustration and argumentation on a contrastive basis. This thesis aims at discussing and exploring tourism texts by applying the relevance theory, and points out several translation methods to fulfill optimal relevance, whereby helping improve the translation texts for the sake of a healthy development of China’s tourism industry. C. Organization of this thesis

Mainly four chapters constitute this thesis, including the introduction and the conclusion. Chapter One introduces the background and purpose, methodology and organization of this thesis. Chapter Two presents literature review on relevance theory in addition to the relevance approach to translation of tourism texts. Chapter Three discusses how relevance theory guides the translation as well as the strategies to achieve optimal relevance in C-E translation of tourism materials illustrated by living examples. Chapter Four reiterates the THESIS, points out the limitations of this thesis and gives suggestions for future studies. D. THESIS

The thesis explores the Chinese-English translation of tourism texts under relevance theory. By applying relevance theory, translator should make certain adjustments to tourism materials and contextual structure without damaging the original meaning, whereby allowing the tourists to know about Chinese culture without unnecessary efforts. Translator should first find the contextual effects in accordance with the optimal relevance, and make the texts optimally relevant on the basis of the reader’s cognitive ability and expectation. At last, translator adopts proper strategies to achieve optimal relevance.

Based on the analysis, the thesis proves that relevance theory can shed light on the field of C-E translation of tourism texts in that the argumentation in this thesis can prove the applicability of relevance theory to guide C-E translation of tourism texts, and the illustrations can...
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