Apple Clobbers Samsung

Topics: Information technology, Court, Innovation Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Apple Clobbers Samsung in Court

Apple and Samsung are among the world’s most popular brands with regards to the information technology industry. The gadgets and devices from these two companies arise from inventions and innovations that keep them above the competition. The patents that result from these inventions is the most common cause of rivalry as these two giants do all that is necessary to command the market. In the recent developments, Apple sued Samsung for infringement of its patents. InformationWeek (2012) asserts that the most publicized evidence that Apple alleges to be a manifestation of this claim is the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Fascinatingly, Apple seems to manage to clobber Samsung in the law courts amidst counter suits from the latter; the biggest win already reported was in California in which Apple bagged $1.05 billion in damages.

This latest development clearly indicates that Apple is winning; at least in the already concluded proceedings in the courts. Samsung, on the other hand, seems to be losing this apparent battle for supremacy in the information technology (IT) industry. The implications of this “supremacy war” are consequential and might not favor either side. First, it tarnishes the name of the corporate IT industry since it insinuates that the finest brands also use underhand methods and tactics to stay on top of the league. The desire to take control of the market seems to override the need for observing ethics in technological development. Another consequence of these allegations is the endless streams of lawsuits that would ultimately compromise the gains made by the most popular brands. Samsung says it will ensure the decision expected from the California courts is not the last one from the initial suit. This is a vivid indication that the companies may compromise their operations so as to win the lawsuits. Further, the multiple legal assaults from...
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