Apple Inc. Business Report

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Apple Inc. Business Report
Apple Inc. is one of the largest U.S. corporations and a living legend of the computer world. This is a multinational corporation that designs consumer electronics, software, and personal computers on the market. Well-known hardware products include the best line of computers Macintosh, IPod, iPhone and IPad. It has a logo of bitten apple and associated brand name. The brand was officially registered by Steve Jobs and Steve Vozniak on April 1, 1976. The most promising gadgets from Apple developed under the leadership of Steve Jobs. The company introduced a very popular music player iPod, entered the market for mobile phones with touch smartphone iPhone, and released a tablet computer iPad. The production of these new products are in high demand around the world, it dramatically improved the financial position of Apple, bringing the company's record profits. The revolution in the world of technology was accomplished. In May 2011, the brand Apple acknowledged the most expensive brand in the world (estimate of $ 153.3 billion) in the ranking of international research agency Millward Brown. The achievements of Apple Inc. rely on solid and consecutive public policies that facilitate a healthy business environment. The corporation is subject to legislation and regulation that greatly influences how the corporation carries out its business deals and makes value for its shareholders. The legitimate and regulatory landscape involves laws relating to copyright, commerce, corporate taxation and the environment without any limitations.This is a very significant part of the corporation's approach to participate in the political process in order to protect and enhance the Corporation’s interests. Senior management team plays a very important role not just to respond to the political process, but also to promote the Corporation's interests and forecast policy trends that can affect Apple in...
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