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Your Estimated Award Letter

Colorado Technical University
4435 North Chestnut Street
Suite E
Colorado Springs,CO 80907
(866)813 -1836
November 9, 2012
Student ID: 14338483
John Olson
P.O. Box 836
Maquoketa,IA 52060
Dear John,
Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that based upon the information you provided, we have estimated your eligibility for financial aid. Your financial aid package is based upon your current expected schedule and enrollment status for the academic year. Your financial assistance may be revised or recalculated if your schedule or enrollment status changes. Your estimated financial aid appears below. T he title IV loan estimates shown below are based on your choices as provided on the Loan Option Form (if completed). If you chose to limit your loan amounts, then these figures are reflective of reduced Federal Stafford loan amounts. If you wish to inquire about making changes to your loan amounts please contact our FA office.

Estimated total program cost: $28,770.00
Award year:
Academic year:
Academic year Institutional charges:

2012 - 13
1/6/2013 - 9/25/2013


No Award Details Available

The expected scheduled delivery of your aid is shown above. When the aid is credited to your account you will be sent an electronic disbursement notice with the exact amounts and dates of disbursement.

Award summary
Academic year Institutional charges:
Less net amount scheduled:
Equals academic year remaining balance:




Please note that students are subject to tuition increases.


Prior to your next academic year, one of our Financial aid advisors will contact you to assist with preparation of your next academic year financial aid.

PLEASE NOTE: Your financial aid amounts are estimated for the terms listed. In order to receive funding beyond these time frames, you may need to reapply for federal, state and/or private aid at a later date.

Your financial aid awards may consist of loans, if so the gross amounts and types of loan funds are shown. Your loan proceeds may be reduced by the amount of fees charged by the originator of the loan(s). Remember that if you have loans they must be repaid, unlike grants or scholarships, you are responsible for the full amount borrowed plus any accrued interest and fees.

T o learn more about federal aid programs including loans, you have access to detailed information about federal student loans and their related repayment plans via the Money Matters l i n k o n y o u r s t u d e n t p o r t a l . I n a d d i t i o n , t h e r e a r e o n l i n e l o a n r e p a y m e n t c a l c u l a t o r s a v a i l a b l e t o h e l p y o u , c h e c k o u t : http://www.finaid.org/calculators/loanpayments.phtml , or http://studentaid.ed.gov (click on Repay Your Loans).

Federal Aggregate (total combined borrowing) Loan Limits
It is important to keep in mind your lifetime, student borrowing limits and to monitor your borrowing in relationship to those limits. Remember that the more you borrow the more your payments will be when you leave school. Borrow conservatively! Maximum Combined Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford

Loan Limits

Maximum Subsidized Stafford Loan Limits (based on

Dependent Undergraduate $ 31,000

$ 23,000


$ 57,500

$ 23,000



$ 65,500

Getting Your Information
If you need more information about your federal student loans, visit the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) at http://www.nslds.ed.gov or call them at (800) 4 FED AID or TDD 1 -800 -730 -8913. Hours of operation are 8AM to Midnight (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday, and 9AM to 6PM (Eastern Time) on Saturdays.

The NSLDS site provides information regarding your loan including loan amounts, name of the loan holder, name of the loan guarantor, the school associated with each of your loans, and information about any Pell awards you...
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