Houston Community College

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Mariela Figueroa
Assignment #1
Houston Community College

Houston Community College offers facilities to serve students, in all disciplines, improve students' learning skills and by targeting specific areas of concern. Students can use these resources throughout their college careers. You don't need an appointment to visit any of the resources offices and there is no charge for use of the labs, Word processing software and online tutoring service are also available. Northeast campus includes the following careers: Business includes: Business, Marketing & Management. Engineering include: Drafting & Design Engineering Technology, Electronic Engineering Technology. Science Technology includes: Energy Institute. Public Safety includes: Public safety. Transportation includes: Truck driving (commercial), Automotive technology training center. Other programs include: Teacher alternative certification, Computer science Cosmetology, Accounting, Business technology, Weekend college.

The Different Types of Offices or Entities Purpose

Financial aid-Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting students to find financial assistance needed to help student's meet their educational goals. The college participates in various state and federal grants, work-study, loans, and scholarship programs. Most of these programs are available to anyone who demonstrates financial need and qualifies academically. Business office-At the Business Office you can: Pay Tuition/Fees in person and receive class schedule, pickup student loan, Financial Aid checks, find out information regarding financial aid. We encourage students to make payments early to avoid any extra late fee charged to your tuition account or being dropped from your registered classes. Admission-Is the office where you can apply to become a student at Houston Community College also you can get information and they can answer your questions. Counselor-In the Counseling Department our masters and doctoral-level counselors, in partnership with instructors, strive to provide high-quality support services, they can answer any question that you have and advice you. Security-Is the way that school can protect students against danger, damage, loss, and criminal activity.

Student Services

Library- ( NE Learning Hub). Students borrowing materials, reserves, placing a hold on material, Texshare, Access to Library from Home. Faculty: Orientation request form, Media request form, Reserves placement form, and Suggested materials for library form. Childcare-Available at the Northeast Campus (Codwell Hall). The Child Care Drop Off Center is available for use by current HCC students; parents may use the Child Care Center during the hours they are in class, or lab, during center business hours. Testing -NE Learning Hub .The Northeast Testing Department strives to deliver quality-testing services conducive for student success to current students, prospective students and the community. ADA Accommodations- The Disabilities Support Services (DSS) Office assists students with physical, learning or emotional disabilities in developing independence and self-reliance. Services include adaptive equipment and reasonable accommodation for admissions assistance, testing, academic advising, registration and classroom instruction. All services are determined on a case-by-case basis.

My Expectations First of all I expect to be a very good student in this course. I want to meet new people, share ideas, and work in groups. I will try to do my best for learn in this class. I expect to have a very good grade as 90 or 95. I think it is going to be hard but I know that if I work hard I can do it. How a penguin is born?

First the mother penguin lays an egg. She holds the egg between her feet to keep it warm for a few hours. When it is time for her to go find food, she gives the egg to the father penguin. Then, the...
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