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Access College Foundation
Renewal Scholarship Agreement

Listed below are the requirements of my scholarship from the Access College Foundation. I understand that the items are my responsibility and that each item needs to be on file in the Access office before my Access scholarship is processed. If these requirements are not fulfilled, I will not receive my scholarship payments.

To apply for a renewal scholarship and to initiate my first semester payment
(if approved), I must send the following items to the By August 15 Access office:
* Completed Renewal Scholarship Agreement Form (this form) * Unofficial Transcript with Spring Semester Final grades, cumulative GPA (at least 2.0), and Fall class schedule (at least 12 credit hours) * Financial Aid Award Letter

* Student Aid Report (SAR) from the FAFSA

To initiate my second semester payment, I must send a copy of my Unofficial By December 15
Transcript with first semester grades (including cumulative GPA) and my (or as soon as grades are posted) second semester class schedule to the Access office.
The FAFSA Renewal must be filed between January 1st and February 15th of eachBy February 15 year to be eligible for the maximum amount of Financial Aid.

Student Name:Tynese DeMarySocial Security Number:231675450 College/University ID Number:944512Cell Number:7573093691
Parent/Guardian Name:Denise DeMaryHome Phone Number: 7572021739 College/University E-mail
Personal E-mail Address:
Street Address:1197 Lord Dunmore Drive
City, State, Zip:Norfolk, VA, 23464
College/University Attending:Old Dominion University

* I understand that the scholarship will be paid in equal installments directly to my college/university. * I agree to inform Access of any change in my...
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