The Shame of Paying College Athletes

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Benjamin Carter
Mrs. Narcisi
English 9

The Shame of Paying College Athletes
Definition of college-A constituent unit of a university, furnishing courses of instruction in
the liberal arts and sciences, usually leading to a bachelor's degree (dictionary). College was
made for learning and in preparation for rest of your life; not for just a pay check.
Bob night states “Paying college athletes diminishes the value of an education.”
(Daugherty). Not only does a paying college athlete diminish the value of an education, but also
destroys the purpose of college sports. A salary should only be given to athletes that are
at a professional level. Young college athletes don’t yet know the value of money and should
be treated as such. College athletes should not be paid, due to the fact that most colleges
would not be able to afford paying every player in their program, schools already provide free
education and scholarships for athletes, and paying athletes is against NCAA regulation.
First of all, athletes should not be paid because most colleges (besides big name schools)
would not be able to afford paying all their players in their programs; not just football
and basketball players. “Out of the 120 FBS (formerly named Division 1) schools, only
twelve broke even or made a profit after an athletic season”(Bokshan).If only
twelve broke even how are these schools expected to cough up enough money to pay their
players. They are not. If the National College Athletic Association or NCAA changed their rules,
and forced all colleges to pay their athletic players; most would quickly fall into dept, and have
to cut their entire sports program just to save their schools from having to close down. Leaving
the college no choice, but to cut into their general funds; meaning cutting back on funding for
academic education. Many Universities like Miami of Ohio are going through huge budget...
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