Android and Ios

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In a world where mobile technology is thriving and prospering, it can be very difficult to figure out which OS is best for you, as a consumer. “In the fourth quarter of last year [2010], sales of smartphones topped sales of PCs and laptops” (Vogelstein, Wired Magazine). An operating system is the system that runs on a mobile phone or computer. For example, a PC (personal computer) runs Windows 7, whereas a Mac runs iOS. Today, there are only a few operating systems that are thriving. These operating systems are Android OS and iOS. Android is far more superior than iOS. Android OS was bought by Google in 2006. It began as a tiny company run by Andy Rubin. Unlike iOS, which was funded and founded by a very rich man, Android started small. iOS is run by Apple, a very popular company that also makes computers and mp3 players. There are many differences between Android and iOS. Different types of users will use different types of operating systems. For example, typically Android users tend to be younger people, and elders, whereas iOS users (used to be) business workers. Recently, there has been a shift of power between Android and iOS, and now Android is starting to come out on top. Since Android began to sell phones, there have been around 250,000,000 activations (Dediu,

One major difference that you find between Android and iOS is their versatility. Android phones have many different manufacturers and carriers. “It now has 27 manufacturers making devices for 169 carriers” (Vogelstein, Wired Magazine). For example, on Verizon Wireless Android phones, there are phones created by LG, Motorola and Samsung. Different carriers also carry different variations of Android phones. There are also different versions of Android OS that can be seen on different phones. These versions cater to different types of users. Not all phones get these newer versions, but you always have the option to obtain these versions in other ways . iOS really only has one...
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