Analysis of Sap Solutions in Salesforce.Com

Topics: Data management, SAP AG, Business Objects Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: March 31, 2012
Name| Advantages| Disadvantages| ConnectSAP| * ConnectSAP is a lightweight, easy to implement, packaged integration solution for and SAP R/3 that delivers an integrated and consistent view of relevant customer data in both systems. * It enables synchronization of account information between and SAP R/3.| * It provides synchronization only for Account object. * No testing has been done as we don’t have a SAP system| Salesforce Integration - Informatica Cloud Services| * Easy to use * Able to connect to Local Systems * Can schedule different tasks * Can add functions and operators to modify source data to match target * Can use Field Lookup to get Salesforce ID to do relation (eg Account-Contact) * Can add Data Filters to process only required data * After a task has been completed an email is sent to the user to inform him about the completion status. These Logs can also be viewed on the website of Informatica| * The pc having the agent installed must be on when different tasks are being run else the task will be completed in error. | Pervasive Data Integrator™ Agile Data Integration Platform| * Flexible and reliable * eliminating the risk, complexity and high maintenance costs of custom-coded or hardware based solutions| * Trial available but there is a missing file hence could not test the software| Bluewolf Integrator| * The Integrator makes it easy for the user to successfully move data between Saleforce and back office systems such as Oracle, SAP, SQL Server and others. * Its GUI based configuration makes Integrator easy to use and manage, eliminating the need to develop any code| * A trial is available but I was not able to connect it to a Local system. * Does not provide test if the connection to the ERP has been successful or not| Salesforce-to-SAP Enterprise Mashups| * It provides REALTIME SAP information to * This...
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