Sap Solutions for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

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Evaluate the implementation approach used by consarc in the implementation of the SAP systems as described in the case. Consarc used two approach for implementations SAP systems which is given below:-

* Direct aporach
* Parallel approach

Direct approach- It is the approach in which user stop using the old system at last and starts using new system within some days . The advantages of the system is it is prompt, rapid and well-organized which involves less chances of committing errors in the work. These systems are very useful for the users.

Parallel approach-In this type of approach user start using the new system alongside the old system for a small period of time and they both used in the parallel way. The advantages of this type of approach is user can check the result from new system while using old once and if he any problem occurs when operation is continue going on old system while errors omitation is sorted out. The disadvantages of this system is a duplication error required to go these system running.

Consrac implemented direct approach of the SAP systems
Company implemented the system in the direct way like they start using new system because old system which is did not work properly and not even too fast for the work and its going to be older which is the biggest problem for company. They facing problem in delivering business reporting and starting to falter.So Consrac decided to using the new system which stop breaking down and which is faster and more efficient than the older once.

Consrac implemented parallel approach of the SAP systems
In this way of approach they using both system in the parallel way. They updated the older once and started the new as well. It will benefit the company in many ways. Both systems are needed to run the company according to as their work type . SAP BUSINESSOBJECTS EDGE BI used in the way of making controlling information, testing tools and hoc reporting and SAP Crystal Records used in the...
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