Business Intelligence Sysco

Topics: Data analysis, Competitive intelligence, Business intelligence Pages: 3 (531 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Business Intelligence Software at SYSCO


Case Overview
SYSCO is a large food service company in the US
Distribute food and related supplies to restaurants, schools,

Highly decentralized company with many operating divisions Company has BI software in divisions already Case centers on the process related to a new BI software for the entire company, how much to buy, and the implementation of the new software


Case Objectives
What is BI software? What are the business benefits of BI software? What are the two alternatives for buying BI software at SYSCO? What are some implementation pitfalls of BI software at SYSCO? How should SYSCO judge the success of its BI software implementation? Is BI likely to provide SYSCO with a competitive advantage? Sustained competitive advantage? 3

What is BI Software?
What is BI software?
Statistical analysis Data mining Ad hoc queries Other features

Why did SYSCO need/want it?
Make better use of available information Understand their customers better Possible competitive advantage? 4

What is BI Software? (cont.)
What kind of companies benefit from BI software?
In general, large and small Don’t have to buy everything Appropriate IT infrastructure is crucial, however


BI Alternatives at SYSCO
Buy minimum to address specific, current business needs? Buy more than the minimum up front to take advantage of price discounts? Which approach do you recommend?


Analysis of Alternatives
Advantages and disadvantages – buy all now
Save money by buying everything now Most likely will need modules in the long run Integration could be easier sooner than later Business need not identified Time frames unclear Greater risk due to the operating companies’ resistance and having to pay for something unknown and unneeded as of now Other things????? 7

Analysis of Alternatives (cont.)
Other advantages and disadvantages
Identification of two questions up front presents a clear business case Dealing...
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