Eis 3302 - Ta- Chap 1

Topics: Management, Cash flow, Customer service Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Applications| Roles| Benefits in Organizations|
Excel:One of the Microsoft software that comes in a form of a spreadsheet| -Create, manipulate, maintain, sort, organize and store immense amount of data in the form of lists, charts, pie charts, tables and other various graphs-Help in finding answers to logic based questions through using the existing formulas within the software or by creating formulas| * Budget Management * Business Planning * Organized/Sorted records list of clients and customers * Customer Data * Corporate Budgeting * Inventory Management * Faster analysis of Data * Business Intelligence * Consolidation of results using graphs, tables and charts.=>Excel is an asset to firms and organization- commercial and no-commercial business- as it’s a flexible program.| Stone Profit:Software specifically designed for Distributors, fabricators, and manufacturers in the stone industry| -Help business owners focus their technology budgets on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure- Services: inventory management, accounting, web based software, scheduling, user security and privileges, multiple location, quotation & estimates among many other services| * Paperless system (lower office costs) * Automatic inventory control (less personnel and reduced tracking errors) * Economies o achieved by serving multiple locations * Security offering protects confidential information and restricts information on a need-to-know basis * Save Time (deployment time tends to be less than a traditional one)=>Stone Profit Systems has been a great value in improving the company’s efficiency in selling and purchasing material.| Sage Peachtree:Sage Peachtree is an accounting system and business management system for many industries: Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, Nonprofit and Accounting.| -Financial Management: a cost-effective accounting solution- Customer Management: the interactions between customer...
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