Analysis of Coca Cola Management Strategy

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Analysis of Strategic Management in Coca Cola
In this project I will do a detail study of Coca Cola Company. I will study about the market value of Coca Cola and how sustainable the Coca Cola Company is for the people. I will highlight the issues which are faced by Coca Cola and describe the business cycle of the company. I will mention all the strength and capabilities of Coca Cola in coming years. history with business cycles and internal strengths of the Coca Cola Company May 8th 1886 Coca Cola was created by John S. and served at Jacobs’ Pharmacy (Coca Cola Company, 2008). At start the company had a rough start and it was named “Coca Cola” by company’s accountant Frank. In 1887 the promotion method was coupons, and John S. registered Coca Cola Syrup and Extract to US patent office (Coca Cola Company, 2008). In 1915 the Coca Cola Company designs a bottle by Alexander Samuelson which became standard bottle for Coca Cola. In 2008 Coca Cola sponsored the big games and Coca Cola Facebook page which is made by two fans has over twenty two million fans worldwide. In 2009 Coca Cola became a billion dollar brand, and in 2010 Coca Cola Company obtain the whole North American bottling business. By 2011 Coca Cola Company celebrates its 125 years (Coca Cola Company, 2008). Coca Cola is largest company in the world which sells beverages. Coca Cola has large product brands which are more than five hundred. Its products include popular names such as Coca Cola Classic, Fanta, Sprite, and Minute Maid. Coca Cola besides being number one company is the most valued company in the world. Coca Cola has a long history of being sustainable company in profit and also for protecting communities and their environment (The Coca-Cola Company, 2010). Vision, mission, and objectives of Coca Cola

Mission of Coca Cola
In the mission statement of Coca Cola its purpose as a company is to serve in standard terms. It also takes good account about each and every action and decision made by Coca Cola. The aim of mission is to make the world refresh, inspire people, bring happiness, and to make difference by value of its products (Coca Cola Company, 2011). Vision of Coca Cola

Coca Cola vision is the framework roadmap for every aspect of Coca Cola’s business (Coca Cola Company, 2011). Coca Cola’s vision is to achieve sustainable growth by applying the principle described below: People: Bring inspiration into people’s life while working in Coca Cola. Partners: Creating a winning network of suppliers and customers. Portfolio: Bring portfolio of quality into the world.

Productivity: Making Coca Cola effective company.
Profit: Make profit while heedful of responsibilities.
Planet: Becoming responsible citizen and supporting sustainable communities. (Coca Cola Company, 2011)
Objective of Coca Cola
Objectives are drive from vision and mission of the company and it serve as action of Coca Cola how to behave in the world (Coca Cola Company, 2011). Headship: Having courage for better future.
Group effort: Believe in collative genius.
Integrity: Be genuine.
Passion: Having hard time mind committed.
Accountability: To be accountable to the people.
Diversity: Broad as Coca Cola’s brand.
Quality: Produce best products.
SWOT Coca Cola
Coca Cola’s strengths
Coca Cola is widely known to the world, and its popularity is its strength. Coca Cola is known to people by its color, logos, and marketing. Coca Cola has status in beverage industry which is not challenged by any other company. People who drink Coca Cola are loyal to Coca Cola for example 80% of revenue of Coca Cola come from its 20% loyal consumers. Coca Cola has ability to sell and make products around the world which is unique to Coca Cola. Coca Cola’s weakness

Coca Cola Company has few weaknesses. There is no effect from Coca Cola to answer the question people pose about harm’s of Coca Cola’s drinks. People think that Coca Cola’s products are not good for health. Coca Cola’s opportunities

Coca Cola...
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