Social Media as Marketing Tools-a Case of Coca-Cola

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Back ground of Coca-cola
Coca-cola started in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 8, 1886 by Dr. John Stith Pemberton. He was a local Pharmacist. After producing Coca-cola syrup he carried it down to another pharmaceutical store on the street, where it was sampled and pronounced as exceptional. The sales of the drink called Coke thereafter, began. It was not at first sold as bottled drink; rather it was sold from the fountain for five cents a glass. Carbonated water was later combined with the newly discovered syrup to produce the drink known as coca-cola today. Coca-cola is known all over the world for its unique taste which its competitors have not been able to beat. Dr. Pemberton partner with a man called Frank M. Robinson-a bookkeeper- to create the name Coca-cola. After considering the advertising aspect of the product, Robinson came up with the unique name known as “Coca-cola” today. Coca-cola was first advertised in The Atlanta Journal, through the journal the citizens were invited to taste “the new and popular fountain drink”. While the product tasting were ongoing, series of advertising campaigns were also put in place to aggressively promote the newly found drink. The people passing by were invited to try the drink with the hope of passing the message across after tasting. During the first year, the average sales of coca-cola rose to nine drinks per day. Dr. Pemberton never realized the future prospect of the drink he created; therefore, he sold a portion of his business to different partners. In 1888 before his death, he sold the remaining part of Coca-cola to Asa G. Candler-An Atlanta business guru, who later proceeded to buy additional rights and completely took over the operation of Coca-cola (The chronicle of Coca-cola).

Coca-cola brand image
Coca-cola is a leading name brand in the carbonated drink industry therefore; the name plays a major role in the sales of the product. With a very strong distribution channel that makes the products readily available everywhere in the world and a unique brand image that places the product on the mind of it targets audience so much that, Coca-cola becomes an addiction within some quarters. This background knowledge gives Coke the greater opportunity to service a larger geographical population in various capacities (Coca-cola marketing mix 83). Coca-Cola’s brand personality reveals the positioning of its brand. Coca-cola strategically positioned it products in the mind of it targets group that they see the product as part of their daily lives and this strategic brand positioning often plays a major impact in taking decision. The association between the brand and the consumers sometimes result in brand loyalty and invariably makes the purchasing decision easier for the consumers. Coca-cola packaging system remains one of their strengths in the market. Although the bottling of Coca-cola has undergone series of transformation all through the years throughout the world but the brand remains consistent in its distinctive taste all over the world. In other words, the product remains the same both in taste and packaging globally (Coca-cola marketing mix 83). The age of social media marketing

Social media marketing is the process or strategy of using social media websites like, facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace etc. to promote a company and its products. Over the years technology has brought about changes in the way we do business. The new age of technology has undoubtedly altered the ways most companies also conduct their business activities. This technology inclined age therefore, makes buying decision easier for the target market segment. Earlier before the advent of social media; media outlet were limited to radio, TV and various print media, this made it easier for the advertiser to reach their “mass audience” using promotions through these available medium then. The media proliferation gave birth to various media channels which in turn have allowed consumers...
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