The Coca Cola Company

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The Coca-Cola Company|

Joanne Rupe
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction5
2. Mintzberg Roles6
2.1 Entrepreneur6
2.2 Leader6
2.3 Figurehead6
3. Henri Fayol – Principles7
3.1 Initiative7
3.2 Equity7
3.3 Unity of Direction7
4. Weber – Principles8
4.1 Division of Labour8
4.2 Promotion and Selection based on Merit8
5. Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage9
5.1 Efficiency9
5.2 Effectiveness9
5.3 Performance and Quality9
5.4 Innovation10
5.5 Customer Service10
6. Management Science Theory11
6.1 Total Quality Management11
6.2 Quantitative Management11
6.3 Operations Management12
6.4 Management Information System12
7. Organisation Structure13
8. Barriers to Entry & Competition14
9. Organizational Environment14
9.1 Social Variables14
9.3 Communities and Governments14
9.4 Competitors15
9.5 CEO15
9.6 S.W.O.T Analysis15

10. Factors of Organisational Culture16
11. Managing Change & Diversity16
11.1 Organisational Change16
11.2 Diversity Awareness Program16
11.3 Managing Diversity17
12. Organisational Ethics17
13. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)17
14. Managing Leadership18
14.1 Transformational Leadership18
14.2 Transactional Leadership18
15. Managing Motivation19
15.1 Theories19
16. Managing Decision Making19
16.1 Decision Making Within Coca-Cola Company19
17. Conclusion20
18. References21

1. Introduction
Coca-Cola is one of the most known and used beverages throughout the world. The brand is consumed by daily basis in over 200 countries. However not everyone is aware of what the company stands for and how it functions. This report will explain how the company operates and how they follow the different managerial steps to achieve their goals. It will also inform which type of structure they use to remain successful.

2. Mintzberg Roles
2.1 Entrepreneur
Asa Candler tasted, bought and decided to market Coca-Cola as a soft drink instead of a headache tonic (Bellis, n/d, Para. 3). Not only did he change the way they advertised and sold the product, according to Gunderson (2009, Para. 1) Asa Candler made the CCC grow into a global giant thanks to his great marketing skills using celeberty endorsments, free samples to pharmacists & costumers and the way they guarded their secret formula.

2.2 Leader
The leader role is shared between the 17 boards of Directors in the Coca-Cola Company, although the Chairman of the board and CEO Muhtar Kent are shown as a front figure and role model (Coca-Cola1, 2012, Para. 3). As found in Coca-Cola1 (2012, Para. 2) the company sees Muhtar Kent as a leader that will lead them into the new century thanks to a firm commitment to both the values and spirit of the world's greatest brand.

2.3 Figurehead
Coca-Cola1 (2012, Para. 2) gives the impression that Muhtar Kent is seen both as a leader and a figurehead for the corporation. He both leads the company in to a brighter future and the rest of the employees look at him for inspiration and help. Because he is the chairman of the board and the CEO he gives a feeling of inspiration, legal and ceremonial obligations.

3. Henri Fayol – Principles
3.1 Initiative
According to Coca-Cola2 (2012, Para. 2) the CCC frequently has an open dialog with their employees about what is new right now. During these discussions the CCC asks about what consumers like/dislike, what distributors think, how improvement can be made, and if they’re losing market space against competitors. By having these sorts of meetings Coca Cola always motivates employees to be a part of the company, to take initiative and speak up. It also teaches employees to be creative and help the company grow.

3.2 Equity
As stated in Coca-Cola3 (2012, Para. 1) they are dedicated to maintain very important principles regarding...
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