Coke - Strength and Weakness

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  • Published : April 29, 2011
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Identify strengths and weakness within the company: (Rough Draft) Weakness:
1. Coke did lese to merge its product with local cultures by adapting packaging, serving size and flavors. So it was putting distance between itself and its country of origin. 2. Coke failed to develop good products for teen market to match Pepsi’s Mountain dew and good products for “new agers” to match SoBe South Beach Beverage, the owners of SoBe decided to sell to Pepsi, not Coke, because they saw Coke as uncreative. 3. Obesity and other health concerns may reduce demand for some of the products. Strength:

1. New Brand Introduction: Zero was Coke’s most successful brand launch in 20 years. 2. Respect to community projects: Coke spent $2 million in 2005 on the Global Water Challenge.

Case Study: (Final Work)
Coca-Cola Company is a leading distributor, manufacturer and marketer of beverage in the world. It has strong brand recognition across the globe. Therefore, Coca-Cola positively has its strengths. 1. With respect to community projects.

Coca-Cola Company spent over two million dollars on the Global Water Challenge, which is a coalition of corporations and organizations based in the United Nations Foundation in 2005. Nowadays, the Coca-Cola Company and the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation announced the dedication of $6 million to water and sanitation partnerships aimed at improving the lives of an estimated 250,000 African women and girls.  2. New brand introduction.

Coca-Cola Company is good at new brand and product introduction. The Coca-Cola Zero has been one of the most successful products in the history. In 2009, the company sold more than 60 million cases globally. Weakness:

1. Less creation on the developing of new products
Coca-Cola Company has less creation on developing good products for teen market to match Pepsi’s Mountain Dew and good products for “new agers” to match SoBe. Because of Coca-Cola’s uncreative, they lost the opportunity to...
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