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Coca-Cola Foundations   

The Coca-Cola Foundation Awards Over $19 Million to Communities Across the U.S. and Canada in 2010 The Coca-Cola Foundation, the philanthropic arm of The Coca-Cola Company, has awarded grants totaling $4 million to 38 organizations across the U.S. and Canada in the fourth quarter of 2010. In line with the Foundation's commitment to building sustainable communities throughout the U.S. and Canada, this grant funding will help support local initiatives in 11 states, including the District of Columbia and one Canadian province. The grants focus on water conservation, community recycling, active healthy living and education. In 2010, The Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded and paid over $19 million to community programs in the U.S. and Canada. "At the Foundation, our goal is to make a positive impact by promoting and creating sustainable communities around the world," said Ingrid Saunders Jones, senior vice president, Global Community Connections, The Coca-Cola Company and chair of The Coca-Cola Foundation. "The funding provided to these 38 organizations will support community programs that align to our giving priorities across the U.S. and Canada." Of the 38 organizations allocated funds, $1 million was put towards promoting and sustaining active healthy living initiatives; $2.2 million was given to support education programs; $400,000 towards promoting water conservation projects; $300,000 was distributed to aid community recycling efforts; and $50,000 was awarded to support local community programs. Our Coca-Cola Foundations, established and funded in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea by CCA in partnership with TCCC, are the centrepieces of our corporate philanthropy and each year fund a range of diverse community projects. The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation

CCAF is an independent charitable trust funded by the Coca-Cola System in Australia and devoted to improving the lives of marginalised youth.  It distributes $1 million annually to fund three to four major national projects and a number of smaller local community programs. The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation also funds healthy lifestyle programs in remote Aboriginal communities under the Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds and Healthy Lifestyle Carnival sports events, which we run in conjunction with our Remote Communities Strategy. National Grants

Through the National Grant program, the Foundation partners with three to four organisations at a time to run large scale national based programs.  These grants are awarded for a period of one to five years with the option to renew following an extensive review process. The Foundation's National Grant program is currently full and we are not accepting new applications for National Grants.  When we reopen this program to new applications we will update the information on this website. Community Grants

What are the criteria for applying for a Community Grant?
• Your organisation must have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status from the Australian Taxation Office. • The program must target marginalised young Australians.  Within this broad area, your application will be assessed on how it addresses the core areas of education, leadership, wellbeing and environment. • The program must be able to demonstrate a difference or improvement for the specific youth issue it addresses. • The program should be innovative. The Foundation looks to support programs that address a problem in a new way or address an issue that is not currently being satisfactorily addressed. How do I apply?

Forward a Community Grant Application Form, Project Summary and proof of DGR status to: Coca-Cola Australia Foundation, 40 Mount Street, North Sydney NSW 2060 When do the application rounds for Community Grants open and close? Round 1 – applications close on 30 March.  Successful applicants will be notified by 15...
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