Analyse the Effectiveness of Oral and Written Communications in the Hairdressing Salon.

Topics: Hairdressing, Telephone, Barber Pages: 4 (1402 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Analyse the effectiveness of oral and written communications in the hairdressing salon.

The memo was well written and it was conveying a professional image for the salon. It goes right to the point and easy to read. It doesn’t take to much time to read it because it’s written in few details. You can receives it from any were as long as you have your memo with you. The memo is fast it doesn’t take more than five minutes for somebody to receive it if it is sent by email. A manager can send one to his staff if something is missing then they can buy it quickly such as shampoo or hairbrushes etc. An alternative to sending a memo would be to send either a message or an email. I chose to use a memo because staff do not have regular access to a computer in a hair salon but do have pigeon holes where any paper communication can be delivered and kept.

Advertisement it was very effective because it was the right document for the purpose. It has little information for the reader to read and it can be read by anyone it is designed in a unique way and it contains the offers and the styles. The business is more likely to attract more customers because many people read newspapers. It lets the people that are in other areas know about the salon and what offers and hairstyles that they provide. It brings a lot more people to the business. An alternative to using an advertisement would be to send out leaflets. I chose to use an advertisement because I knew that many potential customers would see the advert in their local newspaper and it would catch their attention. If I sent out leaflets, there was the chance that they would be thrown away as rubbish.

We needed something to record what we have discussed and the matters to be raised in the next meeting. This is why we have minutes. It can be kept as proof of what went on in that meeting and it can be passed on to other people that were not in the meeting to show them what was...
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