Communication Technonogy in Hairdressing

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Communtication Technology in Hairdessing:
Technology has found a place in hair salons. Technology can increase productivity by streamlining business details such as appointment setting and sales tracking. Websites and social-media marketing are also important to attract and maintain customers that are vital to a salon's success. Technology has become more advanced over the generations and has become a vital part in running a business especially in the salon. If technonlgy wasn’t used it would not be able to promote the salon as much as it scan now. With technology you can use many methods in promoting and creating a clientell for the salon. You can do this through facebook, twitter and creating your own website for your salon.This can show future customers your price lists for certain things and aslo show if you have any special offers for example on certains days wash cut and blowdry could be half price on a Wednesday for students. It can also give other methods in booking an appointment like through facebook you can mail the salon or write on the wall on of the page. Through creating your own website you can give out certain details like your mobile number so the clients can ring or text for an appointment or also gice an email address for the salon owner so clients can email for an apponintment. Advantages and disadvantages of communication technology:

The advantages of communication technology in hairdressing are you can get a lot more information about your salon out to the public, future clients do not have to visit the salon to avial of the offers you have or to book an appointment in the salon and also since technology has developed more through the years it has become more of a craze and a disired thing. If clients can not find anything on your salon in social media clients might feel your salon is old fashioned so they would tend to go more for the salon with that is popular on social media. There are a lot of advantages to communication technology...
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