An Introduction to Management Science 12th Edition Anderson Manual

Topics: Linear programming, Operations research, Optimization Pages: 20 (5637 words) Published: June 11, 2011
Solutions to Case Problems Manual to Accompany

An Introduction To Management Science
Quantitative Approaches To Decision Making
Twelfth Edition

David R. Anderson
University of Cincinnati

Dennis J. Sweeney
University of Cincinnati

Thomas A. Williams
Rochester Institute of Technology

R. Kipp Martin
University of Chicago

South-Western Cincinnati, Ohio

Chapter 1: Introduction ♦ Scheduling a Golf League Chapter 2: An Introduction to Linear Programming ♦ Workload Balancing ♦ Production Strategy ♦ Hart Venture Capital Chapter 3: Linear Programming: Sensitivity Analysis and Interpretation of Solution ♦ Product Mix ♦ Investment Strategy ♦ Truck Leasing Strategy Chapter 4: Linear Programming Applications in Marketing, Finance and Operations Management ♦ Planning an Advertising Campaign ♦ Phoenix Computer ♦ Textile Mill Scheduling ♦ Workforce Scheduling ♦ Duke Energy Coal Allocation Chapter 6: Distribution and Network Models ♦ Solution Plus ♦ Distribution Systems Design Chapter 7: Integer Linear Programming ♦ Textbook Publishing ♦ Yeager National Bank ♦ Production Scheduling with Changeover Costs Chapter 8: Nonlinear Optimization Models ♦ Portfolio Optimization with Transaction Costs Chapter 9: Project Scheduling: PERT/CPM ♦ R.C. Coleman Chapter 10: Inventory Models ♦ Wagner Fabricating Company ♦ River City Fire Department Chapter 11: Waiting Line Models ♦ Regional Airlines ♦ Office Equipment, Inc. Chapter 12: Simulation ♦ Tri-State Corporation ♦ Harbor Dunes Golf Course ♦ County Beverage Drive-Thru Chapter 13: Decision Analysis ♦ Property Purchase Strategy ♦ Lawsuit Defense Strategy Chapter 14: Multicriteria Decision Problems ♦ EZ Trailers, Inc. Chapter 15: Forecasting ♦ Forecasting Sales ♦ Forecasting Lost Sales Chapter 16: Markov Processes ♦ Dealer’s Absorbing State Probabilities in Black Jack Chapter 21: Dynamic Programming ♦ Process Design

The purpose of An Introduction to Management Science is to provide students with a sound conceptual understanding of the role management science pays in the decision-making process. The text emphasizes the application of management science by using problem situations to introduce each of the management science concepts and techniques. The book has been specifically designed to meet the needs of nonmathematicians who are studying business and economics.

The Solutions to Case Problems Manual contains solutions to the case problems.

Note: The solutions to the end-of-chapter problems and learning objectives for each chapter are included in the Solutions Manual.


We would like to provide a special acknowledgement to Catherine J. Williams for her efforts in preparing the Instructor's Manual. We are also indebted to our acquisitions editor Charles E. McCormick, Jr. and our developmental editor Alice C. Denny for their support during the preparation of this manual.

David R. Anderson Dennis J. Sweeney Thomas A. Williams R. Kipp Martin

Chapter 1 Introduction
Case Problem: Scheduling a Golf League
Note to Instructor: This case problem illustrates the value of the rational management science approach. The problem is easy to understand and, at first glance, appears simple. But, most students will have trouble finding a solution. The solution procedure suggested involves decomposing a larger problem into a series of smaller problems that are easier to solve. The case provides students with a good first look at the kinds of problems where management science is applied in practice. The problem is a real one that one of the authors was asked by the Head Professional at Royal Oak Country Club for help with. Solution: Scheduling problems such as this occur frequently, and are often difficult to solve. The typical approach is to use trial and error. An alternative approach involves breaking the larger problem into a series of smaller problems. We show how this can be done here using what we call the Red, White, and...
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