Principles of Management Midterm Exam Essays

Topics: Social responsibility, Management, Hawthorne effect Pages: 6 (2237 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Piyabalo Padaro
MGT 301 Midterm Exam
17 November, 2012

1. A re-organization will require that some employees are provided severance packages while other reassigned. What interpersonal managerial roles developed by Mintzberg will a manager confronted with this employ? Explain. Most of us agree that for the companies to function more efficiently and effectively, some changes need to be made sometimes to ensure that the current requirements are met. Managers most of time have to reorganize and restructure companies to deal with the new changes. When Farm Fresh Inc., for example, was confronted with the economy downturn, its managers had to close some of their stores. This led to some employees being laid off or being reassigned. Laying off or reassigning employees required managers to play some interpersonal managerial roles developed by Mintzberg to make sure the outcome will not be disastrous. A manager will be confronted with the role of leader. He or she has to help the employees in this transition towards the new change in the organization and thus, need to ensure that employees' resistance is being met with ease and apprehensions. To do this, a manager has to be able to direct and motivate subordinates, training, counseling, and communicating with subordinates. One of my neighbors John who worked at one of the Farm Fresh stores in Virginia Beach, Virginia told me that before he was laid off from his job, leaders held meetings with all employees who were being laid off to give them counseling. Leaders offered to help them find jobs in other companies. That is what a manager will have to do: use his or her leadership skills to help employees that re provided severance packages or employees that have been reassigned. Also, a manager in this situation has to make sure all concerns and queries of the employees regarding this restructuring lay off and reassignment of jobs are being adequately answered. The manager is required to show exceptional leadership skills to manage this transition in a reasonable manner as employees will not be ready to embrace change. Hence, he or she needs to use his or her experience, charisma and knowledge and establish strong trust with employees to convince them for embracing the new change in the organization. Leadership skills are the most important interpersonal managerial roles a manager has to use to help employees. When employees are laid off or reassigned due to a re-organization, it can be painful for them to handle this change. Managers have to comfort them, give them advices, and help them through their transition. If managers do not use their leadership skills to do this, employees can confront them, even try to hurt them or themselves once they reach the breakpoint without any help. These outcomes will not help organizations; they will just destroy our society.

2. A manager has decided to use the Hawthorne Studies to improve productivity in an office. How would she accomplish this? Would the results be short- or long-term? Explain. When an organization functions without any work team, it is most likely that employees will intend to underperform, because there is no observation within employees. “The Hawthorne studies, a series of study that provided new insights into individual and group behavior, were without question the most important contribution to the behavioral approach to management” (Robbins, DeCenzo, & Coulter, 2011, p.27). The studies are used most of the time by the managers to improve productivity. The real question here is how a manager accomplishes this and what type of results he or she will get for using the Hawthorne Studies? A manager would accomplish this by encouraging team work or establishing work teams in the organization. Productivity would increase due to the use of teams because team members will perform better when they are being observed by other team members, as per the Hawthorne effect. I remember...
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