Kaplan Management Unit 4 Assignment

Topics: ManaGeR, Management, Corporate governance Pages: 1 (445 words) Published: July 9, 2012
. Creating a new position between the CEO and the location managers will help the business to grow because this newly created role will help to clear up time for Dalman to focus on the other aspects of his position. Since he is spending so much time on talking with location managers, other portions of Sandwich Blitz, Inc. could be suffering from it. Not only that, but adding in the factor that he is just one person makes is clear that a new level in management would help with growing the other managers into the best managers possible. Streamlining the process of addressing complaints and issues will help to make it possible to build more locations. 2. Promoting an existing manger is a good option to fill this position as they are already very familiar with the organization. With the added benefit of having the experience of working in the role as manager to give them a better understanding and insight into what issues and problems can be found within a location. As there are two potential managers for this position, there is a good possibility of being able to fill this internally. The only drawback is that this could create a negative working environment as each manager will be aware of how they were not added. This could create tension when the newly promoted manager is giving feedback or criticism to the managers that were looked over. An alternative source that can be used to fill the position is going through the hiring process externally through classifieds. 3. The decision should be made by both Dalman and Lei as they are the top of the food chain within the company. The main portion of this decision should be in Dolman’s hands because he is basically replacing a portion of himself. If he does not find the best candidate for the position, he may be creating more work for himself. This would be because he’d be the person that would have to run interference between the store managers and the newly hired or promoted individual. Lei should...
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