An Comparative Discussion on the Education Policy of Bangladesh and Pakistan, Focus on Women Education

Topics: Pakistan, Madrasah, Bangladesh Pages: 15 (5339 words) Published: January 30, 2012
The National education policy of Bangladesh and Pakistan
(A comparative analysis over the issue of female education)


God has created both man and woman who have similar contribution in building the civilization. He has bestowed them with same qualities. So both man and woman should get the similar treatment from the society. The Holistic development Of a nation much depends on the equal contribution of both men and women. Regarding to this education is the backbone of a nation. Napoleon once said: “Give me an educated mother; in return I will give you an educated nation” Explaining how vital a role is played by education in the prosperity of a nation. There is no alternative to education in the development of a strong nation. Education is the light that removes the darkness of ignorance. It is a mental and moral training that makes a man a complete citizen. It teaches a man to choose the right thing in life. It also helps man to become aware of his duties and responsibilities. Female education means the education of the girls. Women constitute half of the total population of our country. Without the proper development of the women, no progress of our country is possible. So to develop the condition of the girls, the necessity of education needs no telling. An educated mother can make an educated child and an educated nation. At present women play significant role in our society. Though they have to do household chores, they are coming out of the boundaries of their houses. They are now being engaged in various professions and earning money. Thus they are contributing to family income as well as to the economic growth of the country. In relation to this different countries emphasize female education in their national education policy. Bangladesh and Pakistan both are the leading Muslim democratic countries in south Asia. Historically both shares some common ideology and cultural and religious values. In fulfillment to the commitment to the general people, Pakistan Government introduced its National education policy in the year of 2009. While Bangladesh govt; introduced its 1st education policy in the year of 2010. This assignment is a little affords to understand the content and contextual perspective of these policies regarding to women education.

Bangladesh and Pakistan (Introductory phase)

In 2011, Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen said, "Bangladesh is now doing better on almost every one of these social indicators than India is doing”. Bangladesh, officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh is a sovereign state located in South Asia. It is bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Burma (Myanmar) to the far southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south. The capital (and largest city) is Dhaka; also it is the hub of all cultural, political and religious affairs. It got Her Independence after a Nine month War against Pakistan on 16 December, 1971.Bangladesh is a parliamentary democracy, with an elected parliament called the Jatiyo Sangshad. The population of Bangladesh at 15/03/2011 is 142.3 million (census 2011). The GDP growth is about 6%. Per capita is $641. Poverty rate is almost 31%.Nearly all Bangladeshis speak Bangla as their mother tongue and it is the official language English is used as a second language among the middle and upper classes. English is also widely used in higher education and the legal system. The literacy rate in Bangladesh rose to 56.5% in 2009.There is some gender disparity, though, as literacy rates are 62% among men and 51% among women, according to a 2008 UNICEF estimate. The main religion practiced in Bangladesh is Islam (89.6%), but a significant percentage of the population adheres to Hinduism (9.3%). The majority of Muslims are Sunni. Many people in Bangladesh practice Sufism, historically Islam was brought to the region by Sufi saints.

Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a sovereign country in South Asia....
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