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In this essay I aim to reflect on how my worldview of education has been changed and shaped by my experiences. I believe education to be vital to ensure a stable home environment and life. The main factors that have influenced my worldview are growing up in western society with two older sisters, my views of education whilst attending primary and high school, and my gaining knowledge of the systems for distance education.

Every person views the world differently based on the experiences they have had, this is their personal worldview. Hobson (1996. 2) describes worldview as ‘the primary conceptual framework within which our beliefs, values and attitudes about ourselves and others rests’. Our beliefs, values and attitudes are the building block of our worldview. Samovar and Porter suggest (2004. 1) “are an inside view of how things are colored, shaped and arranged according to personal culture preconceptions”

There are many cultures in the world where being a female would mean that I would not be entitled to the tertiary education that I am now seeking. Samovar and Porter (2004. 1) state “god created woman from a fragment of man’s body that she might serve him” Coming from a western part of society has shaped my worldview towards education and learning. This is a belief that both women and men deserve the same opportunities to achieve their learning and education goals.

Reflecting on my decision to not attend University straight from high school leave me feeling embarrassed. I didn’t think I would even go to university, it was going to be hard, it took up too much time, and took too long to complete, all negatives from the point of view of a teenager who did not like attending school. I hadn’t even considered the positives of getting a degree. Try to flesh out the main idea of the paragraph a bit including at least one reference to back up the main idea.

Coming from a family whose mother had only ever completed the equivalent of year 9 and with two...
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