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Topics: Lady Xoc, Itzamnaaj B'alam II, Maya peoples Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Learning Module 12 Assignment

Mayan Ball Players
1. Describe the players’ clothing and head-wear. Given what they wore, what would you guess the status of these ball players to be? Explain.

2. What clues do the bodies of these players give about their status? Explain.

3. What conclusions can you draw about the game from this picture? What parts of the body were used? Explain.

Mayan Relief: King Shield Jaguar and Lady Xoc
4. If you did not know that this was a representation of a king and his principal wife, what clues would you find in this picture that the two characters were of high status? Explain in detail.

5. Again, if you did not have an explanation, which figure would you think had higher status—the one standing or kneeling? Explain.

6. Which figure is wearing more clothing and jewelry? Is that the figure with the greatest status? If not, what might that figure's clothing and jewelry be meant to reflect? Explain.

7. What can we learn about the relationship between Maya men and women from this sculpture? Who had more power? Why do you think that? What privileges were men allowed in the context of marriage? How did the Maya handle tension around these issues? Explain.

Tlazolteotl, Mexica Goddess of Childbirth
8. How can you tell that she was the goddess of childbirth? What position did women give birth in in Mexica communities?

9. Why might the Mexica associate sin with garbage? Come up with a theory.

Mendoza Codex, Instructing Girls, 1548
10. What is the girl in the upper panel learning to do? What is the girl in the lower panel learning to do?

11. The panels list how much food children should be allowed/need. Examine the picture to discover how much and what kind of food they were allowed and write that below.

12. What would you guess is the relationship between the instructor and the girl? Explain why you think that.

13. How did the...
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