Do You Think Girls Should Be Given the Same Education as Boys???

Topics: Woman, Secondary education, Secondary school Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Education is often described as being the link between an individual and the society of which he forms part of, through systematic training and instructions principally at school level. The debate whether girls should be allowed the same education as boys has been going on for many years and, in fact, in some countries, is still going on. Before really starting up these arguments, the fact should be considered that during the past few years, girls have made really big progress in various fields. Indeed, even now, there are very few fields in which girls have not yet set foot in or have not yet tried their luck in. but surely, in the incoming years, this gap will be completely filled up. Also, girls have, over the years, proved that they are very efficient in their respective fields. Indeed, many studies have shown that girls are more efficient than boys and that they find success more rapidly than boys. Moreover, these studies have found out that girls tend to be perfectionists in their fields of work and so, whatever work is given to them, they will end up doing their best to complete it. However, though it is true that girls have proved themselves to be quite competent in many fields, there are certain drawbacks. True, girls tend to be quite perfectionist in their work but it is this same behavior that makes them quite undesirable with respect to their male working partners. Indeed, girls have a great tendency to do everything according to their own way of thinking, especially if they are given a high power in their work. They like to rule over and take the reins in any work given to them. It should not be forgotten, though, that even since school level, girls outdo boys. Indeed, at the secondary level, girls’ performances are much better than boys. Their success is much more than that of boys. And if ever since primary or secondary education, girls show so much success, then it is absolutely certain that in the working sphere, they will give good results. Any...
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