Allstate Insurance Company Leadership and Organizational Behavior

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Allstate Insurance Company
Leadership and Organizational Behavior



This paper I will discuss why Allstate’s goal setting is effective in its workplace and how it is very important in any organization. Secondly, I will discuss why Allstate diversity index program gives them a competitive advantage over other companies. Thirdly, I will list types of high-performance reward system that Allstate uses to encourage its employees to reach its diversity goals. Finally, I will discuss why I support Allstate’s Diversity index and quality leader management system that motivate their employees

"Allstate Insurance Company"

Goal setting is the process of setting targets for accomplishment and has been used by individuals and groups to measure performance and get results. In the business world, goals commonly take the form of quotas, work norms, objectives, deadlines and budgets. Allstate Corporation managers viewed diversity not as a goal but as a process that is incorporated in the daily life of the company. Allstate launched its first positive action program back in 1969, which at the time their commitment to diversity was not linked to staffing, growth, and maintenance strategies toward business performance. As the book describes, although these initiatives were considered ground-breaking in their day, they were not linked to Allstate’s business strategy. It has been Allstate’s position that diversity is not about biased mandates or legal responsibility, but pay attention to inner and outer strategy. The inner diversity focus is about “unlocking the potential for excellence in all workers by providing them the tools, resources, and opportunities to succeed.” The outer focus of diversity is about making certain that the workforce matches the experiences, backgrounds, and sensitivities of the markets it serves. (Hellriegel/Slocum, 2011, pg. 215)

Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine...
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