Successful Management in a Diverse Workplace

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Successful Management of Diverse Workforce
Shebrenna Tangarife
University of Phoenix

Successful Management of Diverse Workforce
I. Thesis Statement
Management is in all genders, nationalities, and race. The workplace has taken a new stand on diversity. Diversity is not just how many minorities a company hires, it’s the strategy to increase performance on the job, also to attract new employees. Research will prove that diversity is not all about race, but gender as well, female in particular. Women are committed individuals therefore proven to be successful in management. II. Women Management in the Workplace

Working women are serious to the job, enriching motivation and encouragement however, at the same time keeping that sternness with the employees III. The influence of working with Diversity

Working with a group of different people will expand the horizons of others enabling them to take experience through the rest to their life. IV. The effects of Diversity in the Workplace

The effectiveness of working with ethnicity and genders has a lot to offer to the company as well as the employees. V. Conclusion
This essay proved that not only is diversity good for the workforce, it is encouraged as well. As the country continue to recognize ethnicity and genders in management positions companies can remain in business while attracting more and more diverse cultures.

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(Publication No. AAT 3000423

Gartner Says IT and HR Leaders Must Implement IT Diversity Programs to Capitalize on the...
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