Management and Diversity

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Megan Gregor

Managing Careers and Diversity

HRM 565: Developing Human Capital

Dr. Geraldine Puleo

Strayer University

December 16, 2012


Susan Jackson states in Diversity in the Workplace: Human Resource Initiatives that, “Surveys of business leaders confirm the perception that interest in managing diversity successfully is widespread. In a study of 645 firms, 74% of the respondents were concerned about diversity, and of these about one-third felt that diversity effected corporate strategy.” This means that the majority of organizations feel diversity is important, and see the need to take action, however; implementing the process can be more difficult. This paper will outline a human resources strategic plan that includes diversity training for all employees to include managers and frontline staff. It will focus specific diversity training segments to address management’s perspectives, and will use a change model to persuade management to implement needed modifications to the organizations practices. This paper will also propose a brief training outline of diversity content. Finally, this paper will recommend a comprehensive method of evaluation to ensure the training will create the needed changes.

Mark Winston states in The Importance of Leadership Diversity: The Relationship between Diversity and Organizational Success in the Academic Environment that, “Fostering diversity in organizations is generally considered a priority in relation to the increasing diverse population, as well as inequities, current unfairness, and underrepresented.” To have a diversity strategy that becomes a strategic part of organization it must align with the overall goals of the organization. Nagel, CEO for Cisco states in the Hewlett Associates Creating a Sustainable Inclusion and Diversity Strategy: Build on Your Company’s Goals and Strengths that, “This position of inclusion and diversity must be an integral part of the company’s key business goals, rather than an add-on whose value and cost constantly need to be justified. A successful and sustainable I&D (inclusion and diversity) strategy cannot be built in a silo. Similarly, for I&D to receive the organizational support required to achieve its goals, it needs to be represented and play a central role in decision-making at the highest level. To ensure that I&D is integrated at every level of the company, not just an HR focus.” To have this strategy start at the top of the organization is critical to the success of the initiative. This would begin with the forming of an Inclusion and Diversity Council. This counsel would be led by the Vice President of Human Resources, and the members are all executive level positions that represent each component of the company. The goals for this council would be to develop the Inclusive and Diversity vision to align with the goals of the company, develop the strategy behind the diversity and inclusion, and the execution plan. This council would also start gathering data to begin employee network groups in which all employees have the opportunity to join. It would review and advocating policies that support an inclusive environment including training for all employees, and implement a metrics for measuring the impact of Inclusion and Diversity initiatives. Through creating this type of board for the organization places diversity as a top priority and demonstrates the seriousness of integrating diversity into the organization. This would also exhibit to the EEOC a good faith effort to inaugurate diversity into the company. Below the council would be an additional group of managers that are composed of different business segments and would each hold a leadership type position in the employee network group. This group of managers would be responsible for building a strategy and executing a plan to...
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