Airbus, Essay About the Company

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Airbus essay
Airbus is one of the divisions of EADS parent company particular in aerospace defence. The purpose of Airbus division is to develop, manufacture, market and sell commercial jet aircraft known as Airbus. Is the biggest competitors of Boeing and Bombardier (factivia 2010) and leading market share 64%. The main focus of this report will be on Airbus's critical success factors. By using Bowman's Strategic clock, which identifies customer perception and strategy choices of airbus. By describing resources and capability this report will establish whether the current strategy works against future competition. According to the Critical Success factors that conclude 3 aspects in assignment 1 Airbus is very reliable in terms of customer satisfaction (Airbus 2009) through the development of its products according to the needs and requirements of the customers (sizes, comfort, etc.) Airbus launched a first VIP version of its ultra long-haul A340-600, on demand of Saudi Arabia group in 2006. (Mintel 1) Also provide product warranty and services for any technical problems if they do occur. (Airbus 2009) System of MRO providers (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), and have provided an extensive account of Airbus "e-solutions" for maintenance. Hence, Airbus is very reliable in providing on time product delivery for it customers (Airbus 2009). Safety is a top priority in these specific industries. Airbus has very good reputation in terms of technological quality. Airbus is considered as an innovative leader in the aircraft industry and has created a history of innovation and customer satisfaction. (Airbus 2010) Airbus corporate with Air New Zealand, adopts the required navigation performance that influence safety (Data monitor 1 2009) dealing with highly trusted and dedicated suppliers like General Motors, Rolls Royce, Mitsubishi, Bridgestone etc. (Data Monitor 1 2009) that ensure company product quality satisfaction.. The satisfied customer creates a deeper loyalty towards the brand image, and is more likely to be back in the future to purchase new products or to replace old ones. Positive feedback in airline industry will indicate new buyers that give the stability in terms of financial resources. “Emirates airline has declared larger number of order for the Airbus A380 apart from the 58 aircraft that has been ordered (Mintel 2009 2) Qatar have ordered 24 A320 for $1.9 billion” (Mintel 2 2009) Future plans

Airbus is focused on innovative technologies and is well-positioned to participate in future development programs. Airbus invests in Research Development more than Boeing. (MacPherson, 2007) (Appendices 2) This has given the organization its capabilities to design unique future strategies. Airbus has serious concerns about long-haul flights that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (Data Monitor 1 2009). Airbus strongly focuses on environmental issue to improve project “PurePower” efficiency technology in coming years. (Data Monitor 1 2009) This accoutre because of the massive environmental demanding. Due to eruption of volcanic ashes in Iceland, which affected the airline industries quite severely, provided an opportunity for Airbus to implementing new technologies that avoids any interference of volcanic ashes. (Airbus 2010) This opportunity is unique and at the same time would ensure maximum safety. Bowman's Clock and Airbus Strategic Choices (Appendices 5)

According to (Johnson 2008) The Bowman's strategy clock recognize perception and market from the customer point of view and strategies that are adopted to gain competitive advantage against competitors. A differentiation strategy intends to propose diverse benefits which add value for consumers that other competitors do not supply. Market has different customers and competitors, therefore, the customers have different options available to purchase goods from the market (Roger J. Best, 2008). Airbus mainly deals with business customers and in...
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