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Sultan Qaboos University
Advertising and Promotion
College of Commerce & Economics

IMC Program for 100 PLUS
Zero Group

Introduction and Background:

The Omani food industry is becoming a huge potential opportunity for new entrants. Global Food Solution a recent established company that penetrated that market. The GFS aims to serve the citizens and expatriate within the Sultanate boarders the alternatives of high quality products that were neither offered nor available in the Omani food product industry. The company is concentrating on reaching every single house in Oman by offering products ranging from highly used products such as rice, chicken and water to beverages such as snacks and soft drinks. In other words, GFS is a supplier of major food consumption product. The company currently has three main divisions which are the franchised restaurants division, the beverages division and the dry food division. Having a close look at the beverage division, the company is currently offering bottled water imported from Turkey and going to launch a wide range of fizzy and isotonic drinks very soon. This means that the Global Food Solution product offering is going to compete with major and multi-national companies and brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Pocari Seat and Gatorade. With such tough, expected though, competition, the company is aware of the need of a huge enormous introductory campaign for the product which called "100plus". "100plus" is the isotonic drink that will be introduced to the market. It is an isotonic, though fizzy, drink which was first introduced in the Singapore market by Fraser & Limited (F&N) in 1983. Nowadays, the drink is sold in four countries which are Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and South Africa. It has four existing variations of flavors which are the original flavor, Tangy Tangerine, Lemon Lime and Active.

Review of the Marketing Plan:
The isotonic drinks are new type of beverages which entered the industry recently compared to other beverages type such as the soft drink. The beverages industry is categorized as follows: soft drinks, energy drinks, isotonic drinks, malt drinks and indirectly juices and flavored water. In the isotonic category there are several leading products such as Pocari Sweat, Gatorade and Pocka sports water.Pocari Sweat is the dominant player in the Omani market. "100PLUS" is considered as a new entrant to the isotonic category market and aims to be one of the dominant players in the market. Looking more thoroughly at the competitive landscape, the level of competition of our product in the market will be fierce, since its intention is to lead the market. Moreover, this intention does not come out of the blue, since the company believes that the product has a competitive advantage which is the sense of carbonated water which is favorable to the Omani market. Relating to the SWOT analysis, the strength of the "100PLUS" drink is the high quality of the product in terms of packaging, superior taste, sparkling water, and the variety of flavors unlike Pocari Sweat , which is the leading product in the market, which has only one flavor. Moreover, it’s well known reputation in other countries such as Malaysia where it holds 90% of the market share of Isotonic drinks, which is an indicator of success. The main weakness of the product is the poor brand awareness which the campaign intention is to overcome this problem. The marketing objective of the company can be summarized as follows: Short-Term objectives:

Create brand awareness for "100PLUS" that will be launched in the first quarter. Gain a market share of 10% in the first year.
Increase market share by 7% every year.
Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction among 80% of target customers.

Long-term objectives:
Become the number one brand in the Omani market in 7 years.
Build strong advertising awareness for "100PLUS" over the next 5 years....
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