Marketing Project

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Writing Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: December 2, 2012
MKT 200: Group Project (Fall 2012)

The group project will be in the form of BUSINESS REPORT of 4,000 - 6000 words. While the format may normally be a business report, it is important that you read the following carefully and in consultation with your faculty decide on the best format to use in the work. In Marketing there are no "model answers" to situations and thus there is not a single correct way of dealing with the topic that you choose. The distinction between a good answer and one that is not so good is in the analysis and clear response to the topic/s. In your report, provide justification for the solutions that you suggest.

Choose any of the following:
1. CONSUMER PRODUCT: a new brand of toilet tissue, or an LED/LCD television 2. CONSUMER SERVICE: A hospital/a saloon/car service centre 3. BUSINESS TO BUSINESS PRODUCT: A new brand of computer

Write business report for the one that you choose and outline the product/service (briefly) and identify the target market segment you are aiming at. Explain how you have segmented the market for this product and what products you are competing with. Set price for both the products and explain how you arrived at the price. In each case you need to differentiate your product from the competitors and explain how your products fit into the market (how they will be positioned). Explain how you arrived at the size of the market using material such as that available from government statistics bodies, industry reports etc. When selecting a package, a brand name, and a price, for example, you need to explain and justify your choice. Draw up a table showing the comparison of your product with others in terms of package, size, price, and any other significant differences.

Write your report as if it was a report you were submitting to a marketing manager. Note the requirements regarding use of journal articles – these do not have to be specific to your product but may be general marketing topics...
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