Advances in Computer Science

Topics: Wireless, Wireless network, Bluetooth Pages: 4 (1137 words) Published: November 4, 2011
The field of Computer Science has made tremendous innovative advances since its inception. The first digital computer, the ENIAC, was used by the Army to provide calculations in designing the hydrogen bomb. It weighed more than twenty-seven tons and measured approximately six-hundred and eighty square feet. Developments in Computer Science are occurring at a very fast rate. An example of this can be found in the area of wireless information systems. Today, Computer Science, with regard to wireless technology, has significantly changed our world through advances in education, business and medicine. Some colleges, high schools and even middle schools are taking advantage of wireless technology in their classrooms. Students are issued laptop computers with wireless network cards that allow them to access the internet. These laptops can be easily carried from class to class, allowing access anytime, anywhere. This also allows the technology to come to the students. Students will not have to travel to and from the computer lab. The time saved from travel, set-up and clean-up can be focused on the lesson plan. An increasing number of colleges and universities are adopting mobile wireless technologies as teaching and learning tools. According to Swett (2002), more than 90% of public universities and 80% of private universities in the United States have some level of mobile wireless technologies, such as mobile wireless devices and networks. With the advantages of mobility, mobile wireless technologies help improve efficiency and effectiveness in teaching and learning (Maginnis, White, & Mckenna, 2000). Businesses are using advances in computer science to enhance their profits through online shopping. When a reoccurring customer logs in to a shopping website, the website recognizes them and opens a customized homepage. This customized homepage can display suggestions of items based on previous searches and purchases. This process is accomplished by...
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