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Atelsek, Jean (1993) All About Computers: Discover the World of Computers. Ziff- Davis Press Emeryville, California.
A computer is a machine that can store and process information. Game machines are special computers that work by sending imagines to the screen and responding to the buttons you press. Computers have existed for many years helping people keep track of information and solving problems. The development of the computer started with the need to keep track of numbers. The first electronic computer, built in the 1940’s, could solve only one kind of problem which was math problems. The more problems a computer could solve, the more valuable it became. Computer Engineering (2009) Computer Engineering

Technology, Try Engineering Volume IV, Issue IV

Computer Engineering Technologists work in many industries including analogy and digital designs. They can also be applied to engineering sales. Their support in product design and development, or technical management plays an important role. Computer Engineering Technologists have a strong knowledge of both hardware and software. The two interact with one another. They may design, install, maintain, and operate computer systems. They also perform programming and systems analysis. They have technical knowledge in computer architecture, digital systems, and electronics. They apply a basic understanding of computer programming languages. They work for both large and small companies and they install software systems for their customers. Computer Engineering Analyze (2009) Computer


Computer engineers analyze and evaluate computer systems. They have two systems which are hardware and software. They might work on system such as a flexible manufacturing system. Computer engineers often...
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