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The National Hockey league (NHL) has seen many concussions in its players in recent years. It is an injury that has ended the careers of many great players and its side effects plague many others afterwards. In this paper I aim to outline the effects that concussions can have on the player, such as headaches, nausea, amnesia and depression. Also, I will look at some of the causes of concussions in the NHL and some possible solutions to eliminate the problem. Some of the causes I will look include the current regulations, size of the equipment, fighting, and player denial. Concussions are common in most contact sports as they are in the NHL. They have become more common in the media over the past few years when star players have been on the receiving end. A recent study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal looks at concussions among National Hockey League players during regular season games. It gives a background of the injury and describes it.

A concussion is defined as a complex pathophysiologic process affecting the brain, induced by traumatic biomechanical force. Concussion results in a graded set of clinical syndromes that may or may not involve loss of consciousness or memory dysfunction. Concussion typically results in a functional disturbance with the rapid onset of short-lived impairment of neurologic function that resolves spontaneously. (pp.905) It has been estimated that the incidence could be as high as 20% of players per hockey team annually sustain concussions (Tator, 2009). A staggering statistic like this show there is a serious problem that needs to be looked at. The Effects

In the NHL many players have received several concussions. After a player gets his first concussion he is more susceptible to getting a second or third (Tator, 2009). In the case of players such as Pat Lafontaine, Paul Kariya and Eric Lindros this was so. Not only did they receive several concussions but the extent and severity of their concussions led to the end of their professional hockey careers. In Eric Lindros’s case, as well as numerous others, the concussions had some drastic side effects that changed his life. He developed anxiety that would keep him away from crowds. He would avoid airports, galas and any public crowds which were once a daily routine for a NHL superstar. One issue Lindros found, with having a concussion in the NHL, was talking about it. In an article in Maclean’s magazine titled “Concussions: the untold story”, Lindros said “talking about these these things-you don’t talk about these are not going to look in the mirror and say, boy I’m depressed” (cited in Guli, 2011). Attitudes such as this are very common in the NHL but have started to change over the past year. The 2010-2011 season was a big one for concussion awareness in the NHL. Its biggest star, Sidney Crosby, received a blow to the head in the winter classic and a hit from behind in his very next game on January 5 that left him out of the lineup until November 21, 2011. He experienced symptoms such as dizziness, sensitivity to light, nausea and tiredness (Benson, Meeuwisse, Rizos, Kang & Burke, 2011). The most common treatment for Crosby was rest. After a concussion your brain needs time to heel. There is no set timetable for a return. Some players can return in a couple of weeks and other may never. Crosby’s return only lasted a couple of games because the concussion symptoms returned. He was then out of the lineup until his recent returning on March 15 of this year. Having the NHL’s biggest star, Sidney Crosby, out for a year was bad for the game. But on the other side it did shed some much needed light on the concussion situation in the NHL. The Causes

For this paper I will look at five of the possible causes of concussions in the NHL. To start there are the rules. In previous years the league has been too lenient in situations where there were deliberate head shots and hits from behind. A suspension for a hit to...
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