Adams Case

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CASE: Adams Brands

Among the three short listed candidates for the position of Key Accounts Supervisor for the Ontario region, who should Mr. Ken Bannister (Regional Sales Manager for Adams Brands) hire?

Current Situation:
Market volume for the confectionery industry is flat due to the changing trend in consumption driven by the changing age in distribution of the population. Growth is only driven by price increase at 10%. Distribution / availability and visibility are seen as important elements in influencing the sale due to the nature of its products, impulse items. In addition to this, the bargaining power of the retail trade has been shifting away from the suppliers (i.e. manufacturers like Adams) and is in favor of the store owners (i.e. buyers). Although this is not so prominent for the confectionery industry as of the moment, the trend has a high potential to affect the industry where Adams plays given the nature of the Adams brands (i.e. impulse driven category). As such, given the industry and retail dynamics where Adams brands compete, Mr. Bannister should be able to consider all these external factors together with the job criteria to be able to choose the ‘best’ person to fill in the job for the benefit of the company goals.

Given all the facts of the case, I think Mr. Barry Moore is the one fit for the role. Selection process made was based on the considerations below: 1. position requirements (i.e. skills)
2. past experience (based on interview as given in the case facts)

|Job Requirement |Skills Required |Lydia |John |Barry | |Establish close relationship with buyers |Communication |Yes |Yes |Yes | |Prepare presentations to buyers to |Communication |Yes |Yes |Yes | |discuss promotions / deals, mid year...
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