Postivie Tones Excercise

Topics: Employment, The Damage, Responsibility Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: April 23, 2013
a. You cannot receive full tuition reimbursement for the Fraud Examination class you just completed since you earned a C and not an A.

- To receive full tuition reimbursement for the Fraud Examination class that you currently completed a final grade of an A is required. Unfortunately since a C was earned you are no do not meet the requirements to receive reimbursement.

b. Employees are forbidden from downloading copyright music from company computers.

- To protect the company and its employees we ask that you do not download copyright music on company computers.

c. I am sorry, but we cannot be responsible for the repairs on your car; the damage obviously occurred at the dealership, not at our factory.

- After further analysis we have determined that the damage done to your car was not caused at our factory and obviously occurred at the dealership. We will be unable to take responsibility for these damages.

d. Because your portable GPS system did not malfunction until three months after the warranty expired, we cannot honor your claim.

- In order to honor your malfunctioning GPS it would have needed to occur within the first three months of purchase, because it has not we regret to inform you that we will be unable to honor you claim.

e. We received many applications for this position but decided to hire an internal candidate.

- Thank you for considering the job position with our company. We have received many applications for this position, with many qualification. The company has decided to fill the position with an internal candidate.

f. Company policy does not permit approval of the proposed transaction. Therefore, your request is denied.

- Due to company policy the transaction that is being requested is unable to be permitted.
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