You Decide

Topics: Sales, Ton, Learning Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: September 24, 2012
You Decide
Britni Goodman
DeVry University
SOCS 350: Cultural Diversity in the Professions
Fall B, 2012

Choosing a Sales Manager
After reviewing all four candidates I narrowed it down to two. Being a human resource manager I have guidelines to follow on who would be the best option for the sales manager position. I need someone who is articulate, sophisticated, and knowledgeable about fiber optics. The position calls for traveling Monday through Friday and spending time after 5:00 with prospective clients. The first candidate I have in mind is Lynn, the IT manager and the reason why I chose her is because she is smart and sophisticated because she was first in her graduating class. Lynn has fiber optics experience, and doesn’t list anything special in her life that would keep her from being able to work the full hours for the position. The second person I have in mind is Jyoti, Manager of Wireless Retail Store. I am considering Jyoti because she is great in sales, and has high stats and tons of experience for this position. She also states that she is single and has a ton of free time to be able to do the traveling and staying later. The Sales Manager Choice

After looking over my options I have finally decided on the perfect candidate and the one who I would chose to take on this position. The person I chose is Lynn, she is perfect because she is proving her English skills on her own so this means that she will have multiple languages to speak to customers to make them feel special and not left out or confused on what is being sold. The second reason why I chose Lynn is because of her graduating first in class means that she is a very smart person and could easily learn how to become a sales person even though she doesn’t have the experience this would only be one thing I would be teaching someone. She is knowledgeable in the fiber optics field, which would take more time teaching that than skills for selling things. She is the best person...
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