Activities of Daily Living 2

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ADL is a way to describe the functional status of a person. A tool useful for assessing the elderly, the mentally ill, those with chronic diseases and others.

Angela Caruana

The model of living is a highly complex phenomenon 5 main components (concepts) Activities of daily living – 12 Lifespan from conception to death Dependence/independence continuum Factors influencing ADLs Individualities in living

What does ‘everyday living’ involves? living’ Eating, drinking, sleeping, working, playing.... Not aware of performing them breathing communication They are closely related


12 Activities of Daily Living
Maintaining a safe environment Communication Breathing Eating and Drinking Elimination Personal cleansing and dressing Controlling body temperature Mobilising Working and playing Expressing sexuality Sleeping Dying

Instrumental ADLs
This includes activities not necessary for fundamental functioning, but still very useful in community, mostly looked by occupational therapists when completing assessments. Cooking, shopping, housework, financial management...

Maintaining a safe environment
Many activities are performed with this purpose and almost carried out without conscious effect. Keeping medicine out of reach of children Non-slipping mats in bath/shower NonUsing appliances appropriately


Human beings are essentially social beings. Communication involves verbal and nonnonverbal. Interpersonal intervention Human relationships

First activity of a new born Activity is an effortless activity unless there are abnormal circumstances ADLs are entirely dependent on breathing

Eating and Drinking
Baby have the ability to suck and swallow to get nourishment for survival and growth Influenced by sociocultural factors

Faecal elimination Urinary elimination Regarded as a highly private activity


Personal Cleansing and Dressing
Appearance Cleanliness of body...
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