Nvq Level 2 Childcare, Unit 004

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  • Published: January 14, 2013
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Unit 004-
Child and Young person development

Outcome 1

At birth surprisingly a child has intellectually learned to do things already such as smell their mother and recognise her voice. They have also learnt that when they cry it lets people know that they need help and within the first few days of life they learn to use their senses particularly touch, taste and sound. At infancy a child is expected to weigh around 3.5kg or 7 1/2lbs and 50cm long. Bonding is very important socially and emotionally for both mother and baby, helps relationship in later life because they become closer. The babies reflexes are now improving, some of them are automatic responses. E.g. sucking a nipple or a bottle. Grasp reflex is when a baby automatically grasps a finger if it is placed in their hand and also a startle reflex which is when a baby will hear a noise and clench their fists and move their head towards the noise. Walking and standing reflex is when baby is held upright and automatically make stepping movements following this is the moro reflex which is known as the falling reflex which is when a baby falls they know that they should grip something in front of them before falling or putting their hands down onto the floor to save their fall. Babies at one month physically their reflexes have now become much stronger and are starting to progress onto different reflexes. Intellectually and socially the baby will learn a familiar voice, this sometimes stops them from crying because they know that someone they know is around them and enjoy being around that person. Emotionally the baby will stop crying when they are picked up but cry when they are put down. Start to relax when they are put into the bath or put to lie down for a nappy change. A baby at three months will now physically lift and turn its head to a stimulus in the room around them and will be interested in playing with their finger or other body parts. Intellectually the baby will...
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