Topics: Learning, Positive psychology, Training Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Praise to Allah for three (3) months I undergo my internship that begins on early February this year till end of April, I finally successfully completed my Industrial training report. For the remaining 3 months more that I have to continue my training in order to complete my course, I pray to Allah hoping my journey is in His bliss. I also would like to extend my thankfulness to the most precious persons in my life, my father and mother for all their moral support, financial support and also to my friends for never ending reminding me to always be honest and trustworthy during my training here. As for my supervisor from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Encik Shamsul Hairi Bin Muhamad. I thank you for all the reprimand and guidance as it is very helpful for me in completing my report. Last but not least I would like to extend my appreciation to my industrial supervisor, Dr. Ir. Selamat Bin Aliman and Ir. Fakhrul Zakee for their advices and patiently guiding me through while I working here as a trainee. Not forgotten for all the staffs working at SBA Consultant I very much appreciate for their entire kindness helping and teaching me when I’m working there. I am very lucky to have such a helpful colleagues and I never felt left out in any situation. I am entrusted to undergo my industrial training at SBA Consultant for six (6) months before I can complete my subject course in order to graduate. For now I have completed half of the period required for my training. During these 3 months working here I am exposed to many new things which are very valuable for me to learn and carry out with devotion when I face the real world of working in the future. Undergoing for industrial training has become one of the curricular that college student compulsory to attend especially for those who studied at IPTA. The motive of this action is to expose students and let them experience the environment of the real world of working before graduating. It is...
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