Case Study: GD Express Bhd

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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1. Introduction
2. Company profile
3. Person in charge
4. Guidance by lecturer
5. Experience
6. Learning
7. Photos
8. Conclusion

First of all, I like to thank god for keep me safe and healthy thorough my practical training period. Secondly I like to thank Universiti Tun Abdul Razak and lecturer Madam Rohana Binti to give such an experience about real life work and working environment in studies plan. Last and most thank to GD Express Bhd to give an opportunity to practice myself and train for real life working environment, familiarize me with various function and operation in organization. From the first day enter to GD Express company I was well trained to each and every single method used to delivery process and also the accounting method used in Company accounts. Apart from that I also manage to learn the interpersonal and communication skills.

Even though I have working experience before, it’s not in accounting field. This practical training gives me such a huge experience. The company also offers me a job to practice in company, its show how assist practical training for a graduate.

Company profile
GD Express Bhd is a courier services base company

Person in charge
Madam Marmizahsalwa Ahmad Tarmizi was the person in charge in GD express company. She was the Head of Domestic Public Relationship and Communication Department (DPRC) in GD express Company. From first day to end of my internship she well guides me for day work. Guidance given by her really helpful to run daily work and solution for problem occur.

Second Madam Stella Khan, Head of Credit and Collection Department. She conducts me in collection department and teaches me how collection department work, function and also process behalf a collection. Nearly one month I was trained in this department. Guidance her and her division staffs make me able to learn all process of credit and collection Department. Seeing that...
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