Internship Report on Dhaka Bank

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General Banking Activities


Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL)


Internship Report


General Banking Activities of Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL)

Submitted To

Mr. N. M. Zayed

Lecturer in Finance

Department of Finance

BangladeshUniversity of Business and Technology (BUBT)

Submitted By


BBA Program, 12th Intake

ID # 06072101100

Major in Finance

BangladeshUniversity of Business and Technology (BUBT)

Date of Submission: 12thDecember, 2010

Letter of Transmittal

13thDecember, 2010


Mr. N. M. Zayed

Lecturer in Finance

Department of Finance

Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT)

Subject: Submission of Internship Report on “General Banking Activities of Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL)”.

Dear Sir,

I am truly delighted to submit my internship report on the “General Banking Activities of Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL)”. I have gathered what I believe to be the most complete information available. This report gave me the opportunity to have a brief knowledge about the general banking activities of DBL. It is a great achievement to work under your active supervision, care and guidance.

I tried my best to incorporate all the information that I have collected during the internship period. I wish the report would fulfill your expectation and standard. I must mention here that, I am extremely grateful to you for your valuable supervision, tireless effort and continuous attention in preparing this report.

I sincerely hope that you would be kind enough to accept my report for evaluation and oblige thereby.

Sincerely Yours


Id: 06072101100



Major in Finance


Internship program is one of the important requirements for the completion of four years BBA program. I have completed my internship from Dhaka Bank Limited.In this regard I would like to express my heartiest appreciation to my honorable supervisorN. M. Zayed, Lecturer in Finance, Department of Finance, BangladeshUniversity of Business & Technology(BUBT),for his care, guidance and valuable suggestions to prepare this report.

I am also thankful to honorable Dean, Professor Md. Mohiuddin, for his kind suggestions, constant supervisions, pleasant co-operation, invaluable advices and thoughtful comments throughout the entire period of work and preparation of this report. No word is sufficient to express my indebtedness to him.

I also would like to pay my gratitude to all of my faculty members for their constant guidance and cooperation.

I would like to thanks Md. MostafaKhaled Bin Ali, SPO Manager Operations of Dhaka Bank Limited Mirpur Branch for his guidance and co-operation.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mohammad Abdul Ali, Officer & GB- In charge of Dhaka Bank LimitedMirpur Branch, for his meticulous supervision to carry out the job perfectly. I would also like to thank Sadia Afrin, Trainee Assistance Officer who providing me required information about the General Banking which helped me to prepare this report.Without their co-operating it would not be possible for me to prepare this report in time.

To prepare this report I have taken assist from annual report of different years, official websites of Dhaka Bank Limited. Sometimes I faced problem as all the needed information is not available by the Bank. In spite of all the constraints I tried my best to prepare this report successfully.

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